Loreal Cast Cream 246 Black Henna | 72Ml
Loreal Cast Cream 246 Black Henna | 72Ml
Loreal Cast Cream 246 Black Henna | 72Ml

Loreal Cast Cream 246 Black Henna | 72Ml

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L'Oreal Casting Dye Without Ammonia Black Henna No. 246 | 72 ml

Product Description

An ammonia-free hair dye that delivers natural-looking color with a rich, glossy shine

Provides intense hydration while colouring, covers gray hair up to 70%, lasts more than 28 washes

Product features

The cream formula in L'Oréal hair color helps blend gray hair to achieve a natural golden blonde colour.

Leaves your hair full of visible shine and full of life.

L'Oreal Casting comes with a nourishing conditioner with coconut oil.

Ammonia-free formula for a pleasant scent.

Natural color that lasts up to 28 showers without brassy reflections.

GTIN : 3600523506323
Weight : 0.100 KG
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