About Us


Adam is a leading medical company that was founded in 2017 in Saudi Arabia as a pharmacy chain and has soon expanded to be a force to be reckoned with in the region.


Located in the capital city of Riyadh, Adam Medical Company is creating the perfect working environment for its employees, marking them as some of the most productive and efficient staff in the field.


We, at Adam, aim to pave the road for Saudi pharmacists to flourish and prosper by recruiting the best expertise in the kingdom to join our pharmaceutical consultation team present at most of our branches.


We manage and operate 60 pharmacies around the kingdom, and we plan to expand to cover and serve every city and village area in Saudi Arabia.

Adamonline.com was founded in 2021, shaping the future of the online shopping experience. Our customers will be able to enjoy a full range of services that cover all their pharmacy visit needs from pharmacy shopping, medication advice and details, medical consultations, live chatting with certified pharmacists, medication reminders, and a variety of useful features, marking it as one of the most advanced platforms out there.


Not only does Adam Medical Company lead in the field of chain pharmacies and e-commerce, but we also have entered the world of pharmaceutical sales and promotion, acquiring a number of prescription and OTC product brands, promoting them, and vending them to healthcare institutions pharmacies all over the kingdom.


We, at Adam, Value nothing more than care and humanity, traits that our customers feel and admire in all our employees. We only accept excellence and will always ensure it is present.


Our logo



Not only does our logo represent the letter A in the company name, but it also spells the name آدم in Arabic.

The color is inviting and the round shape conveys the message of harmony and protection, it represents unity, commitment, love, and community, just as shown to our customers.


Staying true to our path, the shape in the logo shows two inter lapping capsules that convey the beginnings of this company and its loyalty to the field despite its ever-growing activity.

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