Adam Medical Company

Our vision:

To be a leading company in the health sector through our highly efficient and high-quality services to ensure our customers a better life in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our message:

That the company achieves excellence in providing high-quality and safe health services to meet the aspirations of our customers.
rate us :
- Credibility
-    customer Satisfaction
-    the quality
-    Development

Our motto:

- Our logo does not only represent the first letter of Adam in English, but also spells the name of the company in Arabic, and this is an indication of the company's interest in delivering medical information in a simple way and in a language that is understandable to all members of society.
- In confirmation of our commitment to our path, the figure in the logo shows two overlapping capsules that convey the beginnings of this company and its loyalty to the field despite its constantly growing diversified activity to ensure the best life and service for our customers.
- The attractive color of the logo and the circular shape convey the message of harmony and protection, as it represents unity and commitment between society and love, which we always strive to deliver to Adam's customers.
who are we :
- At Adam, we value nothing more than care, humanity, and the satisfaction of our customers is our priority
Adam is a leading medical company established in 2017 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a chain of pharmacies. Our headquarters is located in the capital, Riyadh.
- Currently, we serve our customers through 60 pharmacies distributed throughout the Kingdom, and we plan to expand to serve our customers in every city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide the best service befitting the level of our customers.

This website was established in 2021 to shape the future of the online shopping experience. Our customers will be able to enjoy a full range of services that cover all the needs of visiting the pharmacy from shopping, advice on medication use, medical consultations, instant chat with professional pharmacists, automated medication appointment reminder system, in addition to a wide variety of unique features that our discerning customers deserve and reach them wherever they are. .

- The role of Adam Medical Company is not limited to leadership in the field of pharmacy chains and electronic commerce, but rather we have expanded in the world of drug sales, where we have acquired a number of brands of prescription and non-prescription products of high quality and efficiency as we were responsible for promoting and selling them to health care institutions and Pharmacies throughout the Kingdom for the benefit of our customers everywhere.

In Adam, we aim to attract the best talent in the Kingdom and create an ideal work environment for our employees, making them among the most productive and efficient employees in this field, which reflects positively on the service provided to our valued customers.

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