Otosan Ear Spray | 50Ml
Otosan Ear Spray | 50Ml
Otosan Ear Spray | 50Ml Otosan Ear Spray | 50Ml

Otosan Ear Spray | 50Ml

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Otosan Ear Spray | 50 ml

 Product Description

Otosan Ear Spray with organic plant extracts is an innovative product for removing earwax and for daily ear hygiene.

Effective for adultschildren even for prolonged use.

Suitable for children starting from 3 years.


 It provides a gentle but effective action for cleaner and healthier ears because it eliminates excess wax from the ear canal and, if used regularly, prevents wax formation.


 Otosan Ear Spray combines the cleansing effect of a saline-isotonic solution with the antiseptic properties of Tea Tree oil and the synergic action of organically farmed plant extracts:

  • Mallow – an excellent emollient.
  • Aloe Vera - moisturizing properties.
  • Lemon – purifying properties.
  • Chamomile – soothing properties.
  • Marigold – calming properties.

How to use

  • With your head straight, bring the Otosan spray to the ear so that the spray nozzle is in contact with the ear canal and then press the spray button a couple of times while keeping the can upright. 
  • Wait a few minutes to allow Otosan Ear Spray to do its work.
  • Tilt your head to the side of the treated ear to allow the fluid and impurities to flow out.
  • Gently clean and dry the ear with a tissue.
  • Repeat the same steps in the other ear.
  • Rinse the spray nozzle with warm water after each use.


 2-3 sprays in the ear once daily. 






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