Welcome to Adam pharmacies website adamonline.com This website is an eCommerce platform for various medical products that do not need a prescription. The website also provides you with several other special services that you can learn about and benefit from once you register to it.

Adam medical website offers several Purchasing and Payment Services that allow you to choose between delivering your order to your doorstep which enables you to pay online, or placing an order and shipping it to the nearest Adam Pharmacy where you can pick it up and pay upon receipt. Along with these services the website also offers services like: - Speaking to and easily reaching one of our skilled pharmacists who are trained to give correct medical advice. - Auto reminder service which enables you to set reminders for your regular medications, and notify you continuously to take them. - Health programs that you can request through the website and follow up with one of ADAM trained pharmacists. - Making appointments for any medical consultations, inquiries, or services inside ADAM pharmacies for free.

In order to guarantee you a good and fast service, you must register on Adam Website to enjoy all the services available.

You can do this easily by clicking on the "Talk to one of our pharmacists" icon and you will find a selection of our medical key-staff. Choose an available pharmacist and start communicating with him/her easily. (Please note that the aim of all means of communication with Adam Medical association is to guarantee good customer service and improve it)

We activated the auto reminder service to help you track your medications and ensure that you do not forget to take them on time. You can use the service through the following link, and add the types of medications that you use, the duration and the reminder times.

Out of our concern for everyone in general and our clients in particular, we have created a new service that enables everyone to communicate directly and access accurate medical services and consultations without any expenses (other than medication costs if required). You can also benefit from this service when you visit Adam website or application and choose the required service and then select the pharmacy in which you want to get this health service.

- We adhere to the highest safety and health standards. - We store drugs properly. - We ship and deliver to all cities of the Kingdom. - We provide a service that enables you to send prescriptions on WhatsApp numbers. - We are proud of our skilled medical staff that is trained to give accurate medical advice.

You will receive an email and/or a text message when your order is ready. When you go to receive your order from the pharmacy, you must show the pharmacist the receipt number included in the message.

The order is canceled due to one or several of the following reasons: • Due to a technical failure. • The customer canceled the order his/herself. • The customer is more than 12 hours late from paying through the payment system. • The customer does not receive his/her order within 48 hours from the order date (In case of payment upon receipt). • If the customer's contact information is wrong or if we couldn't reach the customer.

This could be due to one of the following reasons: • Sometimes some products are available on the online store, but they are not available in the pharmacy. In this case, and in order to ensure that your order will not be delayed, we only cancel the products that are not available and then we send a text message or an e-mail explaining that the order is ready but there are some products that are not available. • checking your text messages and e-mails and make sure that no order has been canceled and that you have ordered all the products you want to purchase; however, there are still some missing products. • contact our customer service to help you by calling our unified number 920025851, or via this E-mail: support@adamonline.com

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You can find information about pharmacy locations and opening hours (As each pharmacy has different working hours) by visiting the following link:

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