S-26 Promil Gold No 2 | 1600Gm
S-26 Promil Gold No 2 | 1600Gm
S-26 Promil Gold No 2 | 1600Gm

S-26 Promil Gold No 2 | 1600Gm

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S-26 Promil Gold No. 2 Baby Milk | 1600 g

Used from 6 to 12 months

It contains HMO (oligosaccharides), which is the third nutritional compound in terms of quantity found in breast milk, and benefits the following:

Raises your child's immunity

Improves the growth of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and ease of digestion

It consists of iron, calcium and vitamin D necessary for healthy bones and teeth

It contains vitamins A, C, B6 and B12 that improve the normal function of the immune system


The feed should be prepared immediately before use

Milk should be given directly to the child after preparation

It must be consumed within one hour

Throw away any leftovers after feeding

Do not heat bottles in the microwave

the use:


Wash hands before preparing and sterilize both the bottle and the nipple

Warm water is poured in the right amount in the bottle

We add the amount of powder with a scoop to the bottle

Put the lid on and shake until well mixed


Keep the package closed and in a cool place

Used within 3 weeks

Preparation is used within an hour at most

GTIN : 629401708871
Weight : 1.600 KG
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