Silver Care H2O Tb | Hard
Silver Care H2O Tb | Hard
Silver Care H2O Tb | Hard

Silver Care H2O Tb | Hard

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Silver Care H2O Toothbrush with coarse silver bristle heads


Product Description:

• Silver Care H2O Toothbrush Bristle Silver Heads with Extra Hard Head Replacement.

• The toothbrush is an anti-bacterial toothbrush.

• In this way, we do not have to throw out the entire brush each time the bristles are used.

• Extend their useful life without generating unnecessary waste and saving money.

• Antibacterial because it features the Silver Care system head that contains pure silver, which, through a natural coin in contact with water, releases active ions, removing bacteria that usually remain in traditional toothbrushes.

• As a result of its design and its spare parts, the H2O Silver Care brush is distinguished by its ease of use in all stages of the dental arch. Its ergonomic handle maintains the linear structure recommended by dentists, thus favoring correct use.


GTIN : 8009315043582
Weight : 0.100 KG
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