Parachute Men Anti Dandruff Cream | 210Ml
Parachute Men Anti Dandruff Cream | 210Ml
Parachute Men Anti Dandruff Cream | 210Ml

Parachute Men Anti Dandruff Cream | 210Ml

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Product Description:

Parachute Gold Anti-Dandruff Cream for Men with Coconut and Lemon Extract | 210 ml

Product features

For centuries Indian civilization has known the secret power of coconut oil; Here's the new Karim Parachute with a summary of this Indian wisdom to your doorstep •

Timeless Indian wisdom is at your fingertips thanks to modern science • Coco-lipid Through years of research, scientists have been able to extract the coconut's secret by isolating the unique coco-lipid molecule. Coco-lipid concentrates and releases the natural power of coconut oil deep into the hair roots with coco-lipid Your hair will become thicker and stronger.

Lemon is known to regulate sebum flow (oil secretion from the sebaceous glands) and help prevent dandruff

How to use Parachute Gold Hair Cream

Anti-dandruff: • Apply the cream to wet hair from roots to ends after every wash

For best results, repeat the process every day

GTIN : 8901088078634
Weight : 0.210 KG
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