Betadine 10% Ointment | 25G
Betadine 10% Ointment | 25G
Betadine 10% Ointment | 25G

Betadine 10% Ointment | 25G

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Betadine 10% Ointment | 25G

What is Betadine Ointment and what are its uses?

BETADINE ointment 10% concentration contains povidone ionine, which kills a wide range of germs, including fungi, bacteria and viruses

It can also be used as an antiseptic for minor skin wounds

Before using BETADINE Ointment
Do not use Betadine

 If you are allergic to iodine, polyvinyl pyrrolidine, or any of the other formulations.

If you have problems with the thyroid gland, as the use of Betadecine can affect its functions
If you are using treatments that contain lithium, as there is a conflict between them, which affects the functions of the thyroid gland.
It is not used for children under two years.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding


If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, consult your doctor before use


How to use

For external use on the skin only. Do not use BETADINE Ointment inside the body
For adults and children over two years old, use twice a day for a maximum of 14 days
The wound must be cleaned and dried before use first, then the ointment should be used on the injury area. The wound can be covered after applying the ointment with a wound cover.

The side effects

Like all medicines, BETADINE Ointment can cause side effects, although these are uncommon
Severe allergic reactions that come in the form of itching, although this is uncommon with products that contain povidone-iodine and can cause itching and burning.
The use of a large amount of products that contain povidine-iodine or their use for long periods can cause an imbalance in the functions of the thyroid gland, which is represented by weight loss, increased appetite and excessive sweating.
If you notice any of these symptoms, stop using the product and tell your doctor or pharmacist.

storage method: 

Store at a temperature below 25°C and out of the reach of children.

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