NAN NO 2 | 1800GM
NAN NO 2 | 1800GM
NAN NO 2 | 1800GM NAN NO 2 | 1800GM NAN NO 2 | 1800GM

NAN NO 2 | 1800GM

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  • In the first year of life, nutrition is critical for the healthy development of your baby.
  • Giving your child proper nutrition including the right amount and quality of protein during this period is crucial for his development today and throughout his life.
    NAN OPTIPRO 2 is a follow-up formula for infants from 6-12 months old, developed based on Nestlé’s relentless research on nutrition for children’s lifelong health.
  • It contains a unique combination of ingredients – OPTIPRO, 2’FL, and BL Probiotic that support your baby’s healthy development during the weaning period, helping you provide a strong foundation for his or her future health.
    OPTIPRO is an exclusive protein blend inspired by the protein in breast milk that is unique in both quality and amount, scientifically designed to support his or her healthy growth and development at this stage.
  • BL Probiotic is a naturally active probiotic that helps support your baby’s healthy defence system.
  • Research suggests that Oligosaccharide 2’FL helps support immunity.
    With more than 150 years of expertise, Nestlé has been relentlessly pioneering research and innovation in early childhood nutrition.
  • Benefiting from Nestlé's advanced research for children's lifelong health, NAN is your ally in continuously nourishing your child's every possible.
GTIN : 6294017105689
Weight : 1.800 KG
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