S-26 Gold No 2 | 400G
S-26  Gold No 2 | 400G
S-26  Gold No 2 | 400G S-26  Gold No 2 | 400G S-26  Gold No 2 | 400G S-26  Gold No 2 | 400G

S-26 Gold No 2 | 400G

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• S-26 PROMIL Gold stage 2 is a follow on infant formula that comes in a 400 gm can.


• Suitable from 6 to 12 months

• Contains compound HMO it is the third food complex in terms of quantity found in breast milk and has 3 main benefits:

Contributes to the protection of the child's natural immunity, Contributes to the growth of beneficial bacteria (prebiotics) and Easy to digest.

• Fortified with zinc, iron, calcium and vitamin D required for bone and dental health •

It also contains vitamins A, C, B6, and B12 that contribute to the normal function of the immune system •

Rich with some fat-soluble food such as lutein, vitamin E, DHA, choline, and sphingomyelin needed for children's mental and neurological development

GTIN : 7613287818867
Weight : 0.400 KG
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