Ronalac LF | 400G
Ronalac LF | 400G
Ronalac LF | 400G Ronalac LF | 400G

Ronalac LF | 400G

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Ronalac LF Baby Milk | 400g

  •  Ronalac LF Lactose Free Infant Milk Fortified With Iron
  •  Intended for children from birth to 12 months.
  •  Lactose-free formula for children who are sensitive to lactose and cannot digest it.

Milk properties

  • Contains prebiotics and nucleotides
  •  It includes the nutrients found in breast milk
  • Helps in the growth of healthy beneficial bacteria in the intestines and prevents infections of the digestive system
  • Iron fortified

How to prepare

Preparation is done by adding one scoop for every 30 ml of water


  • Feeding should be prepared immediately before use
  • Milk should be given directly to the child after preparation
  • It should be consumed within one hour
  • Get rid of any residue after feeding
  • Do not heat bottles in the microwave

Causes of diarrhea in infants

  • Diet: Certain types of food can cause diarrhea in children
  • Bacterial and parasitic infection
  • Allergies Babies and children may have an allergic reaction to some types of formula milk
  • Gastrointestinal infection


  • Dry mouth.
  • skin dryness.
  • Lethargy, the child becomes less active than normal.
  • nappy rash

Preservation and storage

  • keep away from the reach of the children
  • Keep in a cool, dry place
  • Consume within 4 weeks of opening the package
GTIN : 3575410728501
Weight : 0.400 KG
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