Novalac Colinova-Low Lactose 400Gm
Novalac Colinova-Low Lactose 400Gm
Novalac Colinova-Low Lactose 400Gm

Novalac Colinova-Low Lactose 400Gm

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Novalac Colinova Low Lactose 400gm

Product Description:

  • Novalac lactose-free modified milk formula for children suffering from acute diarrhea and its advantage is that it is easy to digest.

  • It is used from birth to 3 years of age.

  • A special formula to treat diarrhea and protect the child from dehydration.

  • It compensates for the loss of energy because it contains fast-absorbing sugars.

  • Stimulates your child's appetite because it contains banana and apple puree.

  • Designed for short term feeding. You can gradually start giving your child other formulations of Novalac. When the diarrhea improves.

Usage Instructions:

  • Hands should be washed before preparing baby food.

  • All baby utensils (cup and spoon) must be thoroughly washed

  • Boil clean drinking water for 5 minutes, leave to cool in the kettle for 30 minutes.

  • Use only the scoop included in this package and remove the excess using the inner tip

  • Add the prescribed number of scoops of powder according to the feeding schedule in the cup

  • Shake or stir until the milk is completely dissolved

  • Close the container tightly after each use and store in a cool, dry place.

Warnings and precautions:

  • Use feeds prepared within one hour.

  • Always discard leftover feeds

  • Do not microwave feeds, hot spots may burn the baby.

GTIN : 3518072942434
Weight : 0.400 KG
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