Nan No 1 | 400G
Nan No 1 | 400G
Nan No 1 | 400G Nan No 1 | 400G Nan No 1 | 400G Nan No 1 | 400G Nan No 1 | 400G

Nan No 1 | 400G

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Nan No. 1 Baby Milk | 400 g


•     A nutritional formula for infants based on cow's milk.

•     Used from birth to 6 months of age.

Package Size:

400 g

Product Shape:


Product Type:

Baby milk


•     BIFIDUS BL contains a range of active natural yeasts that support the beneficial gut bacteria and the health of your child's digestive system.

•     Contains DHA/ARA, two fatty acids found in breast milk that help improve brain function

•     Optipro contains the optimum protein blend in quality and quantity, providing the child with the right amount of proteins he needs for growth.

How to Prepare:

•     Wash your hands carefully.

•     Wash the bottle (nipple), nipple (pacifier) ​​and the ring well. Boil the bottle for 5 minutes. Keep it covered until use.

•     Boil drinking water and let it cool down.

•     Follow the feeding schedule carefully. Pour water into the bottle and add the powder using only the scoop provided inside the package, and remove the excess using the inner tip.

•     Make sure to store the dry scoop in the container, close the container tightly after each use, and store it in a cool, dry place.

•     Cover the bottle and shake well until the milk is completely dissolved. Check the temperature before feeding the baby. Consume within an hour.

Warnings and Precautions:

•     Unboiled water or unsterilized bottles (feeds) by boiling or the incorrect mixture could make your baby sick. Improper storage, use, preparation, or feeding may have adverse effects on your infant's health.

•     Prepare only one bottle at a time. Feed your infant immediately and follow directions carefully. Do not keep the rest of the bottle. Get rid of the rest. Always carry your baby when giving him a meal. Leaving him alone could choke him.


•     Keep in a cool, dry place.

•     Must be used within 4 weeks after opening.

Manufacture Company:


Country of Manufacture:


GTIN : 7613287652676
Weight : 0.400 KG
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