Lactonic Gold No2 | 400Gm
Lactonic Gold No2 | 400Gm
Lactonic Gold No2 | 400Gm

Lactonic Gold No2 | 400Gm

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Lactonic Gold No. 2 400 grams

Product Description:

  • A formula containing prebiotics that maintains the health of the digestive system and the balance of bacteria for children from birth to six months.

Package size:

  • 800 gr.

Product information:

  • Enhanced with the signature Okta system that is provided to Vietnamese, occassionals, and occassionals working in the forum.
  • It gives the child mental development thanks to its containment of decosahexaenoic acid.
  • The prebiotics in the milk maintain a healthy digestive system and a balance of beneficial bacteria, which makes the baby have a complete digestion.
  • It provides all the needs of the child of amino acids, thanks to the fact that it contains essential nucleotides.

Additional instructions:

  • Store at room temperature away from sunlight.
  • He shall be judged within four weeks of the conquest.

Made by:

  • nutrispin.

Manufacture country:

  • Spain.
GTIN : 8437019318222
Weight : 0.400 KG
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