Fabimilk AR | 400Gm
Fabimilk AR | 400Gm
Fabimilk AR | 400Gm

Fabimilk AR | 400Gm

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Fab Milk AR 400 gr

Product Description

It is an infant formula, based on cow's milk, that controls regurgitation, and is used from birth to 12 months.

Product features

Nutritious infant formula contains vitamins and nutritional supplements to be used instead of breast-feeding in the event that breastfeeding is not possible or insufficient

It is used to control regurgitation because it contains bean gum, which makes the formula thicker and thus reduces the number of regurgitation cases

How to use

Carefully wash your hands, bottle and nipple
Sterilize the bottle and nipple by boiling for ten minutes
Boil drinking water and let it cool
Use a tin spoon (1 scoop per 30ml of water) and calculate the amount according to age and weight
After adding the milk to the warm water, close the bottle and shake it until the powder is completely dissolved
Check the temperature and give milk to the baby if the temperature is appropriate

GTIN : 5060083090294
Weight : 0.400 KG
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