Blemil Plus No 1 | 800G
Blemil Plus No 1 | 800G
Blemil Plus No 1 | 800G

Blemil Plus No 1 | 800G

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Blemil Plus No. 1 Infant Milk | 800 g

Product Description

• Suitable for ages from birth to 6 months.

Infant formula derived from cow's milk.

• Fortified with iron.

• Contains prebiotics that help the growth and development of beneficial bacteria in your child's intestines, which improves the function of his digestive system.

• Contains lutein, which contributes to the development of vision.

• It contains all the vitamins and minerals that ensure the maturation of the immune system and the proper development of mental functions

Instructions for use

Bottles should be washed well before use

Boil drinking water for five minutes, then let it cool

A scoop of milk is placed on the water during breastfeeding

Shake the breast well to dissolve

GTIN : 8426594271190
Weight : 0.800 KG
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