Aptamil Baby No 1 | 900G
Aptamil Baby No 1 | 900G
Aptamil Baby No 1 | 900G

Aptamil Baby No 1 | 900G

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Pharmacological form

•         Milk

Milk number

•         1

Child's age

•         From birth to 6 months


•         900 g

Product Description

•         Contains all the nutritional requirements of the child for the child from the age (birth to 6 months)

•         Contains iron

•         Contains dietary fiber

•         Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6

Instructions for use

•         Wash your hands and sanitize all used tools.

•         Boil clean drinking water, leave it to cool in the kettle for 30 minutes, until its temperature becomes approximately 40 degrees Celsius.

•         We measure the required amount of water (from the suggested feeding schedule) and pour it into the sterile feeding bottle.

•         Do not use water that has already been boiled.

•         Flatten the powder with the measuring edge to get the right amount.

•         We do not press the powder to increase the quantity in the scoop.

•         Always use the measuring instrument that came with the product.

•         We add the right amount of powder to the water.

•         Excessively increasing or decreasing the number of pints may be harmful to your baby.

•         Immediately cover the feeding bottle and shake vertically well for 10 seconds so that the formula dissolves. Replace the bottle cap with the sterile nipple.

•         We test the temperature of the milk on the wrist before feeding (37 degrees Celsius).

Warnings and precautions

•         We use the prepared feeds within one hour

•         We do not heat feeds in the microwave

•         After opening, the product is only valid for 4 weeks

•         Close the box well after each use with the lid

•         Do not take intravenously

•         Leftover feeds should be discarded.

•         Do not use this product after the expiry date

How to save and store

•         Store at room temperature (20-25°C) – in a dry place

•         Do not refrigerate this product

GTIN : 8718117603121
Weight : 0.900 KG
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