Labello Original | 4.8G(Blue)
Labello Original | 4.8G(Blue)
Labello Original | 4.8G(Blue)

Labello Original | 4.8G(Blue)

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Labello Original Lip Balm | 4.8g

Product Description

Labello gives a subtle hint of color and gives lips a soft look

Provides intense moisture for 24 hours.

It gives the lips a natural glossy look and leaves your lips soft and smooth.

It glides on evenly and easily so you don't need a mirror

Product features

Promotes Fast Healing of the Skin According to many dermatologists, human skin heals faster when it is hydrated

Sun protection. A moisturized mouth often makes an individual look younger

It is soothing and protecting the lips. The scaly lips make them prone to dryness


Skin care

GTIN : 4006000005126
Weight : 0.100 KG
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