Eva Keratin Anti Dandruff Shampoo | 230Ml
Eva Keratin Anti Dandruff Shampoo | 230Ml
Eva Keratin Anti Dandruff Shampoo | 230Ml

Eva Keratin Anti Dandruff Shampoo | 230Ml

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Eva e-keratin anti-dandruff shampoo | 230 ml

E-keratin anti-dandruff shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoo

230 ml.

Features of shampoo

Double effective in controlling dandruff

· Reduces dandruff production and helps reduce hair loss

It works to soften hair, detangle and protect the ends from split ends

It increases the density of the hair, starting from the hair follicle to the inside, to give an appearance of density

The shampoo increases the absorption of coconut oil deep into the hair roots

It is suitable for all hair types.

How to use :

· Apply the shampoo to the wet hair from the roots to the tips of the hair using the tips of the fingers after each washing process.

To get better results, repeat the process two to three times a week.

· It is recommended to use a special medicated shampoo to eliminate dandruff from one to two times a week along with the cream

Warnings and Precautions

• The shampoo is for external use only.
• It should not be given to people who are allergic to tree nuts and almonds because it contains almond oil, which may cause irritation to the skin or scalp of those people.

GTIN : 6223004373169
Weight : 0.230 KG
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