Panthophil Anti-Dry Wash | 200Ml
Panthophil Anti-Dry Wash | 200Ml
Panthophil Anti-Dry Wash | 200Ml

Panthophil Anti-Dry Wash | 200Ml

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Panthophil Anti-drying and Irritating Cleansing Lotion | 200

Product Description:

  • Anti-drying and irritating skin cleansing lotion.

  • Free of soap and alkaline substances that cause skin allergies.

  • The used pH 5.5 strengthens the thin surface layer of the skin, and restores its function as a barrier against water loss from the surface of the skin, environmental influences, and harmful microbes.

  • Panthophil Anti-Drying Lotion is the first step in restoring skin balance.

  • Panthophil lotion moisturizes and nourishes dehydrated skin, preventing feelings of tension and itching.

  • It is used for face and body.

  • Suitable for adults and children.

  • Suitable for dry skin and sensitive skin.

GTIN : 46663
Weight : 0.200 KG
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