Loreal Cast Cream 543 Golden Henna | 72Ml
Loreal Cast Cream 543 Golden Henna | 72Ml
Loreal Cast Cream 543 Golden Henna | 72Ml

Loreal Cast Cream 543 Golden Henna | 72Ml

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L'Oreal Casting Golden Henna Color 543 | 72 ml

L'Oreal Paris Casting Crème hair color is golden blonde, the best permanent hair dye that is gentle on the scalp without ammonia. It is designed with a unique formula that nourishes and strengthens hair. It covers white hair up to 70% and gives you a natural color with shiny waves and vibrant luster. The set of dyes contains Hair from L'Oreal Paris in optimal shades, a permanent dye that extends its effect for up to 8 weeks of nourishment and rich color that restores your hair to the colors of its youth with perfect coverage of gray hair.

Basic features

The cream formula in L'Oréal hair color helps blend gray hair to achieve a natural golden blonde colour.

Leaves your hair full of visible shine and full of life.

L'Oreal Casting comes with a nourishing conditioner with coconut oil.

Ammonia-free formula for a pleasant scent.

Natural color that lasts up to 28 showers without brassy reflections.

How to use

The hair must be dry when you dye it.

Wear rubber gloves before applying the dye.

Place a piece of cloth around the neck to protect the skin from the dye.

Try to distribute the dye evenly throughout your hair to maintain your new hair color.

Follow the directions written on the dye.

Color-treated hair should be used with a shampoo and conditioner.


Choose a pigment color that matches your skin tone to give an elegant and attractive look.

The color result on gray hair will appear lighter than non-gray hair.

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