Panthophil Vitamin Hair Tonic | 150Ml
Panthophil Vitamin Hair Tonic | 150Ml
Panthophil Vitamin Hair Tonic | 150Ml

Panthophil Vitamin Hair Tonic | 150Ml

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Panthophil hair strengthening spray

Panthophil spray 150 ml

It is a solution used to spray on the scalp. It is derived from pantothenic acid, which is a member of the vitamin B group, which is vitamin B5.

Panthophil spray is one of the types of vitamins and minerals that strengthen the hair of the head

Panthophil Hair Tonic spray contains natural and herbal substances that work to reduce hair loss by strengthening the hair follicle and providing it with vitamins necessary for growth

Panthophil spray is used for men and women

It does not contain oils and is quickly absorbed into the hair and scalp


Baldness cases and hereditary baldness cases as a catalyst

Works to reduce hair loss

Helps to germinate voids in the scalp

It is used to nourish hair follicles from the roots

Helps to intensify hair and increase its number

It is used to strengthen hair

It is used to strengthen hair

Accelerates hair germination and increases the proportion of the ANAGEN stage

Moisturizes hair and gives it softness and shine

Contributes to getting rid of dandruff

Protects hair from damage factors such as exposure to hot weather or salt water, use of dyes, electric dryers, and others

Safe to use for men, women, pregnant and lactating women, and children

How to use

Spray Panthophil hair spray on wet or dry hair

Panthophil spray is used on the hair and scalp

Massage the scalp and hair for two minutes

It is preferable to stop using any kind of oils during the treatment period

Panthophil spray is used once or twice a day

Apply an appropriate amount of spray on the scalp to protect the hair from falling and damage as well as damage and prevent it from falling out

It is recommended to use a dietary supplement, tablets, with hair care products to maintain the necessary nutrition and prevent breakage and loss

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