Lifebuoy Soap Nature | 125G(Green)
Lifebuoy Soap Nature | 125G(Green)
Lifebuoy Soap Nature | 125G(Green)

Lifebuoy Soap Nature | 125G(Green)

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Lifebuoy Soap Nature | 125G(Green)

Lifebuoy Soft Care Soap contains the benefits of milk cream to leave the skin soft and smooth


Its advanced formula is designed to be gentle on delicate skin while keeping it healthy and gives 10 times better protection against germs, even the tough ones. Contains Active Silver

An effective antibacterial ingredient that penetrates to kill germs from within

Protect yourself and your family with Lifebuoy, the world's #1 germ prevention soap

Bathing with Lifebuoy Soft Care Soap will invigorate your senses and the rich lather will penetrate deep into your pores, removing germs and leaving your skin protected, clean and refreshed.

Package size:

125 grams

GTIN : 6281006483729
Weight : 0.100 KG
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