Lovi Training Cup Retro Pink | 150Ml
Lovi Training Cup Retro Pink | 150Ml
Lovi Training Cup Retro Pink | 150Ml

Lovi Training Cup Retro Pink | 150Ml

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Luffy Training Drinking Mug Vintage Pink | 150 ml

Product Description:

The Lovi Training Cup is the first step in learning how to drink when baby reaches 6 months of age. It makes it easy to transition from breast or bottle feeding to drinking from a cup with a soft, gentle silicone spout and graduated scale.


1- It does not irritate the gums.

2- Helps fluid flow easily.

3- Adapts to children's small hands.

4- Soft nozzle.

5-segmented handles.

6- A drinking cup.


GTIN : 5903407353005
Weight : 0.150 KG
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