Silver Care H2O Tb | Sensitive
Silver Care H2O Tb | Sensitive
Silver Care H2O Tb | Sensitive

Silver Care H2O Tb | Sensitive

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Silver Care H2O Sensitive Toothbrush


Product Description:

• Silver Care H2O Sensitive Toothbrush is an antibacterial toothbrush with extra fine bristles and an interchangeable head with active silver.

• Upon contact with water, the pure silver coating the brush head activates a natural, continuous antibacterial action.

• Antibacterial: Comparative examination of Silver Curve and conventional toothbrushes, shows a reduced degree of bacteria related to Streptococcus aureus, the main caries-causing microorganism.

• Linear handle: The handle maintains the linear shape recommended by dentists while introducing highly advanced anatomical and ergonomic elements to encourage correct use.

• Its bristles: microfin for effective cleaning of interdental surfaces and gentle massage along the gumline bristles micro-relief to remove bacterial plaque and maximum respect for tooth enamel.

• Interchangeable: Once the head is damaged, replace it with the supplied spare parts, which contributes to environmental protection and guarantees savings for purchasing a high-quality product.

GTIN : 8009315063788
Weight : 0.100 KG
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