Primalac No 3 | 400G
Primalac No 3 | 400G
Primalac No 3 | 400G

Primalac No 3 | 400G

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Primalac No. 3 Baby Milk | 400 g

Pharmaceutical form

baby milk

milk number


age of the child

It is used from one year to 3 years old

Product Description

Designed with a unique formula that contains prebiotics DHA, ARA, and vitamins

Supports the growth of the child by providing his daily needs of proteins, minerals and vitamins in a balanced and accurate formula

Contains antioxidants that improve public health and important nucleotides to raise the efficiency of the immune system

Instructions for use

Wash your hands and sterilize all tools used.
Boil clean drinking water, leave it to cool in the kettle for 30 minutes, so that its temperature becomes approximately 40 degrees Celsius.
We measure out the required amount of water (from the suggested feeding schedule) and pour it into the sterilized feeding bottle.

Do not use water that has already been boiled.
Level the powder with the measuring edge to get the correct amount.
We do not press the powder to increase the amount in the scoop.
We always use the scale attached to the product.
We add the right amount of powder to the water.
Excessively increasing or decreasing the number of scoops may be harmful to your baby.
Cover the feeding bottle immediately and shake vertically for 10 seconds to allow the formula to dissolve. Replace the bottle cap with the sterile nipple.
Test the temperature of the milk on the wrist before feeding (37°C).

Warnings and Precautions

We use the prepared feeds within one hour

· We do not heat feeds in the microwave

· After opening, the product is usable for 4 weeks only

Close the container well after each use with the cap

It should not be taken by intravenous injection

The remaining feedings must be discarded.

Do not use this product after the expiry date

How to save and store

· Store at room temperature (20 to 25 degrees Celsius) - in a dry place.

Do not refrigerate this product

GTIN : 7613200146558
Weight : 0.400 KG
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