Illuma No 3 | 850G
Illuma No 3 | 850G
Illuma No 3 | 850G

Illuma No 3 | 850G

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Aloma Milk No. 3, size 850 grams


General description:

- Aluma milk formula for children. It is free of genetically modified materials.
- It provides your child with all the nutrients he needs in the right amounts for his age
- Milk contains: DHA for brain development and cognitive growth. All essential nutrients - vitamins and minerals - and carbohydrates for healthy growth. and prebiotics to support gut health and nucleotides support the immune system.
- Infant formula is free of genetically modified materials
- With DHA & ARA essential fatty acids for brain health
- With all essential vitamins A, C, D, and minerals
- With nucleotides and prebiotics to boost the immune system
- Contains iron and calcium

How to use:

- Wash the bottle and all its parts well to get rid of the remnants of the previous feeding
- Boil the bottle and all its parts for five minutes and keep it covered until use
- Boil drinking water for five minutes and leave to cool
- Pour water into the bottle according to the quantity specified in the feeding schedule
- Use only the scoop included in the package and remove the excess amount
- Add the amount mentioned in the feeding schedule
- Please breastfeed until complete dissolution
- Close the package tightly and keep it in a cool, dry place. It should be used within four weeks from the date of opening

Preservation method:

- Store the unopened package under normal room conditions (at a temperature not exceeding 25°C).
- Store the opened package with the cap closed in a cool dry place (not in the refrigerator) and consume within 3 weeks
- Never use a microwave to heat infant formula
- Prepared milk can also be taken in a cup or mixed with breakfast cereals and other foods.


GTIN : 7613036208581
Weight : 0.900 KG
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