Fine Babygreen No 3 Mega Medium | 84Pcs
Fine Babygreen No 3 Mega Medium | 84Pcs
Fine Babygreen No 3 Mega Medium | 84Pcs

Fine Babygreen No 3 Mega Medium | 84Pcs

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Fine Baby Diapers No. 3 Medium Large Value Pack | 84 diapers

Product Description:

Fine Baby Baby Diapers No. 3 Medium in a Big Value Pack of 84 Diapers.

Product features:

Distinctive diapers fit the delicate skin of the baby with the absorbent gel technology that locks the wetness away from the baby's skin.

It prevents the accumulation of fluids and the occurrence of inflammation and irritation of the diaper area.

With the softness of cotton and chamomile lotion, it moisturizes and protects your baby's skin from inflammation. Suitable for boys and girls from 4 kg to 9 kg.

It also features leak-proof barriers that fit the body's shape for easier movement and more dryness.

Breathable outer layer allows air to pass through for more comfort to the baby's skin.

Elastic sides for your baby's 100% comfort.

the Producing company:

sanitary paper ltd

GTIN : 6251001269390
Weight : 1.000 KG
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