Itchy ear treatment

Itchy ear treatment

Everyone is looking for ways to treat itchy ears that may affect many people of different age groups, so we will provide you with the best treatment for itchy ears in safe ways so as not to cause damage to the eardrum.

Causes of ear itching 

There are many reasons that lead to ear itching, including:

  • Dry skin: If the ear does not produce enough wax, this may lead to dry skin inside and thus feeling itchy, and the person may also notice the crust coming out from the inside.
  • Ear canal inflammation: This inflammation occurs when the skin inside and outside the ear canal becomes inflamed, and this condition may appear as an allergic reaction, such as that which appears as a result of the use of some types of cosmetics or metals in the ear. Another type of inflammation is eczematous dermatitis whose causes are unknown. 
  • Ear infection: an infection that causes pain and itching in the ear, and this is especially true of otitis externa or the so-called swimmer's ear, a condition in which the outer ear canal becomes infected, and this infection may lead to otitis externa. redness and swelling;
  • Use of hearing aids: They are headphones or any other tools to help improve hearing, and may lead to water retention in the ears, or may lead to an allergic reaction to the hearing itself, and may lead to pressure on certain areas in the ear and thus itching in the ear.
  • Psoriasis: It is a skin disease that causes a red rash on the patient's skin, and in advanced stages it reaches the inside of the ear, causing severe itching.

Itchy ear treatment

There are many home recipes and drops that help treat itchy ears.

  • One of the best medical methods that are used to treat itchy ears is the use of Aand Tosan ear spray , as it helps moisturize the ear and remove the pain and redness resulting from itchy ears.
  • Medical ointments Doctors and members of the medical staff recommend the use of ointments containing antibiotics to treat itchy ears.
  • Baby oil It is recommended to use baby oil to moisturize the skin around the ear and reduce the accumulation of waxy substance inside the ear to reduce the itching sensation in the ears.
  • Steroid creams: A steroid cream containing 1% hydrocortisone or 0.1% betamethasone is recommended to treat an ear infection to relieve itchy ears.
  • Ear drops , diluted saline, acetic acid or hydrogen peroxide, any of these are recommended to treat itchy ears by reducing the buildup of waxy substance inside the ear.
  • Washing the ear through the devices prescribed by the doctor The doctor recommends washing the ear with devices that reduce the amount of waxy substance accumulated inside the ear.

Ways to prevent itchy ears It 

is recommended to follow the following points to prevent itchy ears:

  • Avoid using hairpins, paper clips or cotton swabs that are not intended for cleaning the ear, as these tools cause damage to the ear through the possibility of these tools scratching the skin of the inner ear, allowing bacteria growing inside and causing an infection. Inside the ear and increases the feeling of itching.
  • Commit to using earrings and headphones made of materials that do not cause allergies to the skin or ears.
  • The use of solutions designed to drain the water accumulated inside the ear during swimming, especially by people who swim frequently.
  • Commit to consulting a doctor regularly to ensure that wax does not accumulate inside the ear and to clean it if necessary.


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