How do you keep the color of your hair painted and keep it beautiful?

How do you keep the color of your hair painted and keep it beautiful?

Colored hair gives a person a new and attractive appearance, but in order to maintain his beauty and health, good and constant care is required. In this article, we will deal with the causes of hair damage and the ways in which it is handled effectively.  

1. Introduction  
2. Common reasons for the destruction of dyed hair.  
3. How to take care of the dyed hair.  
4. Advice to keep the color of the dyed hair.  
5. I prefer the natural ingredients of hair-painted care.  
6. Ways to reduce hair-colored damage  
8. Common questions 

Common causes of hair damage: 

When it comes to dyed hair, there are several factors that may lead to damage, including:  
1. Exposure to chemicals: The chemical colouring materials contain substances that may be cruel to scalp and hair, which may lead to hair damage and dehydration.  

2. Lack of good hair care: Failure to use products suitable for dyed hair may result in rapid loss of colour and damage.  

3. Thermal speculator effects: The repeated use of hair dryer and hair iron may lead to the destruction of dyed hair and make it more fragile. 


How to take care of dyed hair: 

To maintain the beauty and health of the dyed hair, the following steps can be taken:  
1. Use of dyed hair products: select specially designed dyed hair products that help to maintain and strengthen hair color, such as Silium products, where the Silium set of shampoo, balsam and serum works:  
• Maintain long-term color and brightness of dyed hair.  
• Normal wetting and balance of dyed hair 

Silium is rich in natural components like: 

• Fruit vitamins that are effective in combating free-flows.  
• Macadia oil, an effective antioxidant.  
Milk proteins that wet hair, reduce dehydration and add brightness and brightness.  

2. The correct washing of hair: the use of shampoo and a suitable colour for dyed hair and the avoidance of washing it with hot water may preserve its colour and prevent damage.  
3. The use of natural hair enhancement therapies: the application of natural oils such as coconut oil or elemental oil to dyed hair can help to wet and strengthen it. 

Advice to keep the color of the dyed hair: 

To keep the color of the dyed hair longer, some simple advice can be followed:  
1. Avoid direct sunlight exposure:  
The exposure of dyed hair to direct sunlight can quickly fade, so it's better to cover the hair if you go out in strong sunlight. 

Use of heatproof products: 


Before the use of hair iron or hair dryer, it is preferable to use heat protection products to reduce heat damage.  
3. Reducing the frequency of hair washing:  
Frequent washing of dyed hair can lead to a rapid loss of color, so it can reduce the frequency of washing to maintain color. 

Best natural ingredients of hair-painted care: 

Some of the natural components that can be used to care for dyed hair include:  
1. Elements oil:  
Elements oil contains vitamin E and useful fatty acids that help to moisturize and strengthen dyed hair.  
Coconut oil:  
Coconut oil moisturizes the dyed hair and gives it glow and vitality.  
3. Cammel abstract:  
The Cammel Abstract is used to calm the scalp and ease the irritation resulting from hair coloring operations.  
4. Reducing the use of chemical products:  
Avoid using as strong chemical products as possible and replace them with natural alternatives.  

In the end, the care of dyed hair requires continuity and dedication. Using appropriate products and following precautionary advice, you can maintain a beautiful color and high health of your dyed hair. 

Common questions: 

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