Silium Shampoo Anti-Age 250Ml
Silium Shampoo Anti-Age 250Ml
Silium Shampoo Anti-Age 250Ml

Silium Shampoo Anti-Age 250Ml

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Psyllium Hair Revitalizing Shampoo | 250 ml

Product Description

Rejuvenates damaged hair and maintains its shine. For healthy and natural hair rich in active ingredients


Hair loss and length maintenance

hair density

Daily care

Damaged and brittle hair

Softness, texture and strength

Protecting colored hair

Product features

It contains collagen, which adds volume and elasticity to hair, along with vitamins A and E

Anti-aging and antioxidant.

Contains plant extracts, guar gum, moisturizing and elastic, aloe vera juice, moisturizing

GTIN : 8021386052300
Weight : 0.100 KG
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