Save your tired hair: get to know the secrets of damaged hair care!

Save your tired hair: get to know the secrets of damaged hair care!

One of the most important things in looking after beauty is looking after hair, especially caring for damaged hair. Corrupt poetry is a common problem facing many people, and the reason for this may be several factors, including excessive thermal depredation, use of chemical products, and environmental pollution. In this article, we will discuss how to understand damaged hair, the factors that lead to it, as well as the daily routine to take care of it and prevent it from being damaged.  

Understand damaged hair:

Corrupt hair refers to hair that has lost its smoothness and natural glitter, which has become fragile and damaged by bad characterization or environmental factors. The damage to the hair structure can lead to the shelling of limbs and the shelling of hair in general.  

Causes of hair damage 

1. Over-temperature 

• Thermal arraying tools such as hair iron and hair dryer are among the factors that cause hair damage most. Hair is regularly exposed to excessive heat, resulting in poor structure and damage. 

2. Use of chemical products 

Many chemical products, such as hair dyes and strong chemical preparations, are used and have a negative effect on hair health and cause damage. 

3. Environmental pollution 

• The exposure of hair to environmental pollution such as air pollution and long-term direct sun exposure can cause damage. 

How to determine damaged hair?!

To determine whether your hair is damaged or not, you can monitor some signs and run some simple tests.  
Ruined hair marks.  
• Extreme drought  
• Bombing of parties  
• Loss of hair gloss  
• The difficulty of controlling poetry 


Caring for damaged hair. 

After determining that your hair is damaged, it's important to start applying a daily routine to take care of it and fix it. 


Hair wash nicely:

The hair must be gently washed using fluffy water and silicon-free shampoo and sulphur to avoid further damage. 


Use of natural components 

It is preferable to use natural components such as argan oil and coconut oil to wet and feed hair. 


Decreasing thermal array. 


Try to reduce the use of thermal arraying tools and use them with caution when necessary, and make sure that thermal protection is used before they are applied. 


Nutrition and good wetting 


Eating healthy food and drinking a lot of water helps feed hair from the inside and wet it. 

Haircuts are regular. 

Regular haircuts help to get rid of shoveling limbs and promote healthy hair growth. 


Prevention of hair damage 

To prevent hair damage, some simple steps can be taken. 

Use of hair protection products 


Use hair protection products such as serums and protective oils before applying thermal arraying tools.  
Use products specifically designed for damaged hair, such as those of Silium. Silium products are characterized by a unique combination of natural components such as collagen, which adds density and hair flexibility with vitamins A and E and anti-aging and antioxidant substances. It helps restore and regenerate damaged hair. You can use the Silium shampoo and the Silium balm to clean and wet the hair deep and serum Silium to feed the hair. 


Avoid cruel play. 

Avoid harsh hypes like narrow braids or excessive scalp. 


Keep moisturizing. 

Keep your hair moisturized by using water spray or coral oil in times of severe drought. 


Hair feed from the inside. 

Poetry care is not only about external care, but also needs to take good nutrition into account to promote hair health. 


Eat healthy food. 

Eating protein-rich foods like fish, eggs and meat helps to promote hair health. 


He drank a lot of water. 

Drinking a lot of water helps wet the scalp and improve hair quality. 


Home therapy for damaged hair. 

Some home-based therapy can be used to treat damaged hair. 

Use of natural oils 

Natural oils such as argan oil or coconut oil can be used as a hair mask to wet and repair it.  

The egg and oil mask. 

One egg is mixed with a spoon of olive oil and placed on the hair for 30 minutes before it was washed with shampoo. 

Use of Alo Vera 


You can use the whole of the vera straight on the scalp and the hair to calm the skin and wet the hair.  

Expert consultation 

If the hair condition does not improve after the home treatments, the hair expert must be consulted for more specialized guidance. 



If you have a damaged hair problem, an integrated care routine can help improve the hair condition and restore it to normality. Use the natural ingredients and avoid excessive thermal speculation to keep your hair healthy. 


Common questions 

1. Can I use the chemical hair products on damaged hair? They can be used with caution, but it's best to move to normal products to avoid more hair damage.  
2. How many times do I have to cut my hair to prevent the bombing? It's better to cut hair every six to eight weeks to keep hair healthy.  
3. Can home therapy be used for damaged hair on a regular basis? Yeah, they can be used regularly as part of the hair-care routine, but it's better to switch treatments to achieve the best results.  
4. What's the best oil for damaged hair? Argan oil and coconut oil are the best oils to moisturize and repair damaged hair.  
5. Can good nutrition improve the damaged hair condition? Yeah, good nutrition plays an important role in hair health, and it can help strengthen hair and improve its condition.


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