Skin urticaria, its manifestations, symptoms and treatment methods 

Skin urticaria, its manifestations, symptoms and treatment methods 

Skin urticaria is a sensitivity that occurs from certain stimuli, and this sensitivity results in some disturbing manifestations and symptoms on the skin that require treatment and calming. Red This rash is caused by an allergic reaction, which is the release and increased secretion of histamine in the body, resulting in redness and severe itching. There are many causes that may be considered an allergen such as some types of medicines, some types of foods, some diseases and infections, and some stimuli such as dirt and insects. Feathers, insect bites, and sunlight may also be a cause of allergies. We will now learn about allergies, their causes, symptoms and treatment methods.


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Symptoms of skin urticaria

There are many different symptoms that appear in the skin and it is known that it is a bout of urticaria such as swellings and rash in red color Pink rash Swellings in the form of circles or ovals, and the swellings spread on the hands, arms, hands and fingers The legs and feet may have difficulty breathing, a feeling of chills and cold, severe anxiety, dizziness or dizziness, swelling in the mouth, and all of these symptoms disappear within 24 hours.


Skin urticaria and its treatment 

Before treatment, the condition is diagnosed as skin urticaria, this diagnosis is through blood tests and a test to analyze the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation, as well as analysis of the thyroid gland and liver function. The treatment is by taking antihistamines. The best types of treatment are available for localized skin urticaria or Oral in Adam's Pharmacy

 It may be thought from the appearance of the allergic skin that urticaria is contagious, but this is a misconception, as it is a disease related to the immune system that does not contain any viruses or microbes in order to be infected, so skin urticaria is considered a non-contagious disease.


Neurological urticaria or psychological 

urticaria is a skin rash and signs of sensitivity on the skin in the form of swelling, spots and itching, but the cause here is a psychological cause, whether a bad psychological state or exposure to nervousness, anxiety and depression This nervous state and anxiety caused by hormonal and chemical changes in The body, which causes the occurrence of allergic symptoms, and because of the dilation of the blood vessels, which causes a rash in them and the appearance of red spots, and psychological urticaria is diagnosed by the doctor. Food or exposure to any allergens such as chemicals, detergents, lotions, cosmetic products or medicines, then the doctor will confirm the diagnosis of urticaria.


Skin urticaria in children

Skin urticaria in children is in several forms by the appearance of a tumor in the form of a red halo with severe itching, this circle will disappear and appear in another place, and the child may experience difficulty swallowing, weakness in breathing and swelling of the lips, and in some cases it develops into infection Intestinal infection or diarrhea, and one of the causes of urticaria in children may be insect bites, eating some foods that the body is allergic to, such as bananas, strawberries, and white chocolate, or taking some medications such as penicillin, aspirin, ampicillin, and serums. Vaccine, and the child may develop reactionas a result of the psychological state. When the child is exposed to distress, fatigue or anxiety, his body secretes large amounts of histamine, which causes the appearance of these symptoms and pets may also cause an allergic reaction to the child’s skin. Treatment is based on antihistamines, whether it is an oral dose Or in the form of topical treatments, with an attempt to shower with cold water if there is severe itching, and interest in knowing the type of products or drugs that cause and stimulate which The child feels it and then tries to avoid it and stay away from it completely.


Chronic skin 

urticaria Chronic skin urticaria, which persists for the long term and causes more severe and difficult complications, cannot be treated with regular antihistamines, as it does not respond to treatment. There are modern techniques for treating chronic skin urticaria through acupuncture. Chronic, where it is so uncomfortable that it interferes with normal life activities such as sleeping or working and its symptoms are red spots and swellings that vary in size and change location constantly severe itching painful swelling of the lips and eyelids These symptoms may last for about six weeks or more and recur unexpectedly and can continue For two years, the difference between it and normal urticaria is that the normal urticaria appears for short periods and disappears within weeks


Treatment of skin urticaria with herbs 

There are many herbs that greatly help in treating or alleviating the symptoms of skin allergy attacks or skin urticaria, such as ginger. Oil made from ginger is used and placed on Pain area or insect bites or allergies, Aloe Vera Aloe vera is characterized by its moisturizing properties that reduce Maintains the inner moisture of the skin and soothes the skin and soothes the pain of allergies and reduces swelling, Chamomile is a wonderful soothing and reduces inflammation Helps heal the patient Chamomile tea is used by applying it to the inflamed or allergic area, apple cider vinegar has moisturizing properties and reduces itching and relieves the appearance of irritation The skin also relieves the effect of urticaria or skin urticaria, cold water compresses and natural aloe vera and there is also the witch hazel plant, which has the ability to very effectively relieve urticaria and skin irritation, which is a recipe that prepares from five to ten grams of witch hazel to a glass of water and mixes well Then the mixture is placed to boil and when it cools, it is placed on the sensitive places. One of the best recipes for treating itching is to treat the body’s itching with lemon. Lemon works to calm and revive skin cells, kill germs and anti-inflammatory. Lemon can resist itching caused by urticaria of the skin, and it is also useful in the case of eczema. And psoriasis and itchy insect bites and it is used diluted with water and placed on the places of sensitivity.


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