Wheat Skin: Tips to Maintain and Care Instructions 

Wheat Skin: Tips to Maintain and Care Instructions 

Despite beauty of wheaten skin, which represents the Arab look, it needs care and preservation because this skin suffers from pigmentation problems and lack of uniformity of color, which gives the appearance of dark spots and this is due to the increase in melanin pigment in the skin. Wheat skin is very sensitive to chemical products and is easy to be exposed to inflammation. Wheat skin is also exposed to mosquito bites and bites, which causes the appearance of pimples and pimples that may leave in its place scars that are not easy to remove or pigmentation 

. It is also characterized by being mostly oily.

Wheat skin care products are suggested by Adam Pharmacy. 

What is wheat skin color and specifications? 

Wheat skin is characterized by a light brown color that represents the Arab or Middle Eastern character in general. It is called wheat because it tends to the color of wheat. It is a light brown skin that tends to the lighter color, and often the skin Wheatgrass is not greasy and its pores are clearly large. The advantages of wheaten skin is that it does not show signs of aging except at a later age, as it is a skin that is resistant to wrinkles, lines and sagging  . They tend to be brown, but they are similar, and the same name may be used for each, and the reason for the brown color in them is an increase in the secretion of melanin pigment in the skin. 


Light wheat skin instructions 

There are many tips and instructions that must be adhered to to maintain light wheatish skin, which are: 


  •  You must use sunscreen products to protect the skin before leaving the house with high levels of protection,
  •  choose natural care products from natural materials, and stay away from chemicals,
  •  use gentle products in the treatment of acne, pimples, and even pimples. Do not leave traces of goo that cause irritation and inflammation of the skin
  • . Do not over-exfoliate the skin with the aim of whitening. It is better to preserve the beauty of the wheaten skin and its attractive color
  • must be kept clean, the use of a suitable lotion for its type, and the use of pore-cleaning strips for a deeper cleaning. Maintaining the use
  •  of antiseptics to cleanse the grains that contain Bacteria and choose products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to treat
  • treat melasma that occurs in wheatish skin and pigmentation with the best reliable products with natural ingredients Available in Adam's pharmacy 
  •  Adopt a daily moisturizing routine for the skin and use day and night creams of the purest and finest types
  • Adopt a cleansing and moisturizing routine before bed Adopting a suitable night cream that moisturizes and nourishes it while sleeping
  • . Applying a cleansing toner Taking into account placing it with a cotton ball on the places that are exposed to the secretion of fat the most, such as the nose and its surroundings and the forehead. 


advantages of wheat skin 

In addition to the beauty and authenticity of wheat skin, it is characterized by several very important advantages, the most important of which is that it contains the pigment melanin significantly, which protects the skin from sunburn and the dangers of exposure to skin cancer. Early this makes wheaten skin one of the most beautiful and best skin types.


The most important wheat skin products for care and treatment 

There are many products that wheaten skin needs from the most beautiful preservation, and a daily and weekly routine must be adopted for the care of these products as follows: 


  • Use the appropriate sunscreen to a high degree to preserve it from the dangers of burns
  •  Wheat skin contains the pigment melanin significantly, which protects it from ultraviolet rays However, it needs sunscreen before going out and direct exposure to the sun for a long time,
  •  using daily moisturizers that contain natural materials and nourishing natural oils,
  •  using natural masks containing herbs and natural recipes that are useful for nourishing the skin,
  •  using a skin scrub for exfoliation and deep cleaning at a rate of once every ten days or if It is necessary once a week if the skin is oily.
  •  Treat pigmentation, melasma, and dry skin with the best pure products that rely on nature in its composition 
  • . Avoid using skin bleach and adopt the beauty of pure brown wheaten skin, as it does not need bleaching and chemical or natural peeling.
  •  Use lip balm and some nourishing creams and oilsNatural moisturizers that moisturize the area around the mouth, nose and lips, and 
  • use a toner to purify the skin If there are pills by applying the toner with cotton on the places that contain excess fat,
  • adopt the routine of applying a day cream in the morning and putting a night cream before bed 
  • . Choosing the appropriate natural masks and applying them on a weekly basis.
  •  to nutrition and adopting a healthy diet that contains natural vitamins from vegetables and fruits
  •  attentionThe skin is not exposed to dryness, protects it from wrinkles, and gives the skin a younger age than its age.


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