Avalon Alpha Plus Cream | 30G
Avalon Alpha Plus Cream | 30G
Avalon Alpha Plus Cream | 30G Avalon Alpha Plus Cream | 30G Avalon Alpha Plus Cream | 30G Avalon Alpha Plus Cream | 30G Avalon Alpha Plus Cream | 30G

Avalon Alpha Plus Cream | 30G

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Avalon alpha plus cream



30 gm

Active substances

The French formula contains two essential substances, alpha plus cream

(Alpha Arbutin)

A substance extracted from cranberries that are similar in effectiveness and effect to hydroquinone

What distinguishes it is safer and does not cause problems for the skin


A substance extracted from licorice

Also a new material in the lightening and brightening of the skin

It has an anti-inflammatory effect and is not effective in bleaching alone but -its presence with alpha-arbutin makes Alpha Plus cream more effective and -it is found in Alpha Plus concentrate %0.5


Treat and lighten the dark spots resulting from skin disease or use the wrong cream

Lightening pigmentation or effects of grains

A powerful solution for suntan resulting from sun exposure Whitening the area of ​​the elbows, knees, armpits, hands and any area in the body

The best solution to lighten and whiten sensitive areas quickly and safely and without any side effects, especially since many doctors awake to use

Effective treatment of melasma caused by changes in body hormones during pregnancy

How to use Alpha Plus cream


After you follow the steps above, do the following and wait for the result as soon as possible

Apply a light layer of cream gently on the area to be lighted once or twice a day, at the beginning of its use and after a period of use and the emergence of its effectiveness on the trap can be used once a day or every two days

Avoid the eyes area and the area of ​​the nostrils and mouth

Preferably leave the cream on the skin for 30 minutes and then rinse with water to avoid any redness of the skin and in the case of sun exposure use sunscreen

Avalon Alpha Plus Pregnant Cream


Despite the safety of the components of the cream and there are many doctors advised to use it, it is not preferable to use special creams whitening during pregnancy or at least in the first 5 months

Avalon Alpha Plus Cream during lactation


During lactation, but preferably after 3 months to avoid any harm to the baby

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