Hair breakage causes

Hair breakage causes

It is natural that we go through various stages of our lives with various problems, including health, physical, social, psychological, or neurological problems.

Each of these problems takes place in our lives, and affects us for a certain period until it passes well.

Among the problems that trouble many of us, despite their simplicity, are hair problems, whether it is the problem of hair loss, the problem of hair loss, the problem of dry hair, the problem of dandruff and scalp inflammation , or the problem of hair cracking; Which motivates the general women seeking to get rid of these problems.

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The problem of hair breakage is a worrying problem that annoys the general women; As this problem leads to unwanted hair brittleness, and the problem of hair breakage leads to the cessation of hair growth.

Before talking about the problem of hair breakage, you must first know the reasons that lead to hair breakage; to avoid it; Prevention is better than cure.

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The reasons that lead to hair breakage:

  • Genetic factors:

We inherit from our fathers a lot that we are proud of, and sometimes we inherit some problems or diseases from them. There is no income for external and surrounding factors.

This requires those who suffer from hereditary hair breakage to resort to the use of hair care products that help moisturize the hair.

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  • Dry hair that leads to hair breakage:

Dry hair is one of the causes of hair breakage and brittleness. Dehydration caused by external factors, whether from harmful hair care products, or dyes containing harmful chemicals, or individual creams that are composed of harmful chemicals, must be taken into account by using moisturizing products. Hair and its cracking.

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  • Malnutrition leading to hair breakage:

The body in general needs a healthy, integrated food that supports all body systems, and ensures their vitality, activity and work to the fullest.

As well as hair, it always needs integrated healthy food containing proteins, vitamins and immune boosters minerals, if poor nutrition; This is a reason for hair loss lack density, and to break it, and it is also a reason for breaking it and causing damage to it.


  • Following the diet regimen that leads to hair breakage:

It is known that the result of some people following a diet regimen, this regime may affect their hair; As it results in a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body; Which leads to the collapse of the hair in that it falls profusely, and breaks, or leads to its breakage. 

  • Severe anemia resulting from malnutrition leading to hair loss:

The lack of iron in the body affects the hair greatly, as the lack of iron in the blood leads to severe hair loss, and also leads to hair breakage and brittleness.

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  • Hair devices that emit heat and lead to hair breakage:

There is no doubt that hairdressing devices that emit heat, and hair straighteners, make hair curly smooth when used excessively, and the hair is greatly affected, because Where it leads to dryness and then bombardment and also break it.

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  • Dyes and creams that contain harmful chemicals that lead to hair breakage:

Many women love change; You will find her from time to time changing her hair color as she sees fit, or to suit fashion. 

Excessive use of dyes causes many hair problems, including hair breakage and split ends.

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Also, straightening the hair, which many resort to, may lead to excessive use of it on the hair, or poor-quality use of it that contains harmful chemicals, as this leads to hair breakage and split ends.

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  • The surrounding environmental pollution that leads to hair breakage:

The environment is polluted by car exhaust, factory fumes and harmful gasses, all of which damage the scalp, affect the follicles, and lead to hair dryness, and then to hair loss and breakage.

  • Not cutting hair regularly, which leads to hair breakage: Hair

cutting is one of the very important things to maintain hair; As it often dries up the ends of the hair on the head, which leads to the cessation of its growth and then to life in it, causing split ends, and this leads to hair breakage.

  • Using a towel that leads to hair breakage:

It is certain that the hair should be dried with a towel after washing it.

But, dear, drying the hair with a towel by rubbing the towel in the scalp leads to hair loss and brittleness, and this behavior also leads to hair breakage.

In order to ensure the health of your hair, madam, you must wrap it in a towel until it is dried well, and ensure its health and freshness.

  • Some cumbersome hairstyles that lead to hair breakage:

Some women style their hair in difficult and cumbersome ways, such as a ponytail or a bun.

  • Thyroid problems leading to hair breakage:

Thyroid problems cause damage to the hair, and lead to a decrease in its density and hair breakage, and may also cause empty areas in the scalp.

How do you protect your hair from cracking?

  • Do not over-dye the hair.
  • Do not overuse hair straightening creams.
  • Do not overuse hair care products in general, moderation and moderation in anything guarantees you health and safety.

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  • Make sure to use the conditioner after using the shampoo; To ensure hydration and vitality to your hair.

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  • Do not over comb the hair, especially for those with curly hair.
  • When washing hair, be sure to wash the scalp more than the hair; To keep your hair from breaking.
  • Continuing to wash hair with shampoo at a rate of 2 times a week; This is to maintain the cleanliness of the hair, and to ensure the vitality of the follicles that help strengthen the hair, and ensure that it does not fall out, split or break.
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  • not washing hair with hot water; As hot water reduces the divine oily substance in your hair, which guarantees its vitality and freshness.
  • use a swimming cap when swimming; This is to avoid hair loss and brittleness, and also to avoid hair cracking.
  • Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner before swimming.


We talked about hair loss.

We mentioned the reasons for this alarming phenomenon.

And how to protect yourself from the phenomenon of hair cracking.


You, my dear, have to take into account the following:

The proper integrated nutrition that guarantees your body, hair and skin vitality, strength and activity.

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Madam, you have to be moderation and mediation in everything, and moderation with your hair, whether in combing, washing, using creams, using shampoo, or using hair straightening creams.

You should moderate the use of heat styling and hair care tools; To ensure no cracking.


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