Porosity of hair and its types

Porosity of hair and its types

There is no doubt that God Almighty when He created man created him in the best form; He is his successor on earth, so he created him and shaped him in the best form, and God has confirmed in the Noble Qur’an: (We have created man in the best form); Therefore, if a person looks at himself, he will find that he is perfect, perfected by God Almighty.

The human body is created with a delicate system, and this is, of course, what human hair is. Glory be to the Creator who perfected this integrated system. The scalp is delicate with its pores that ensure health for the hair and head, with its ability to breathe and absorb moisture, and remove oils and adjust its proportion in the head. We also guarantee its density, while ensuring its vitality and beauty, as well as the efficient porosity of the hair; It is able to absorb water that is very important for its vitality, health and freshness, and also be able to absorb refreshments, which help moisturize it and repair its defects, if any.

hair porosity

Hair porosity is the ability and ability of hair to absorb and retain moisture. It determines the extent to which oils and moisture are transferred. The percentage of hair porosity varies from person to person. Hair porosity ensures the easy passage of moisture and oils into and out of the hair. Most of it is subject to genetic factors, and the hair porosity may be defective. As a result of external factors, such as: exposure to chemical treatment, or heat treatment, and the porosity of the hair may be affected by hair care products and creams, or hair straightening containing harmful chemicals.

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hair porosity test


The hair is washed well with shampoo, avoiding applying any product on the hair and picking up a few hairs from the head that fall out during styling.

Leave the hairs to dry completely, then bring a cup of water and fill it with water, and it is preferable to cut the hair if it is long; Until it is the length of the finger of the hand, a hair or two is placed in the water and quickly pressed with the finger to penetrate the surface of the water and leave it for 3 minutes.

The test result will show one of three:


  • Drowning the hair in a glass of water

This indicates that the hair has high porosity and that it contains very many holes that make the hair absorb moisture easily and lose it easily and quickly.

  • The hair gets stuck in the center of the cup

This means that the hair has medium porosity and the holes inside the hair are medium. It absorbs moisture well and does not lose it quickly

  • Hair floats on the surface of the water

This indicates that the hair has low porosity and that the holes inside the hair are very few, so it does not have the ability to absorb moisturizers and water.

Hair with low porosity has an interlocking outer layer so that moisture, oil and water are difficult to penetrate, and it does not dry out until a long time later than normal.

After the test, the result appears:

A - The porosity of the hair is low.

b- The hair porosity is high.

C- Hair porosity is normal.

First: Dealing with hair with high porosity

Hair with high porosity is one of its features that it absorbs moisture more than necessary, and some may think that it is an advantage; However, the high porosity causes a problem, as although it absorbs moisture in a high way, it is not able to retain it and loses it easily.

Thus, the hair dries quickly and becomes frizzy, as it is dull, loses its luster and becomes dull, and it is permanently tangled.

Dealing with high porosity hair as follows:

Egg mask for high porosity hair:
Eggs are the highest food containing D-protein, as it helps to provide the protein needed by the hair, and it also helps in treating high hair porosity.

Preparing the egg mask:

Wash hair well.

Then crack an egg and mix together.

Massage the hair well with the egg, taking into account that the mixture reaches the scalp and thus to the ends of the hair.

Leave the mask on the head for 15 minutes.

Rinse the mask thoroughly with cold water and shampoo.

Repeat the process once every week.

Coconut oil mask for high porosity hair:
Where coconut oil is very useful and important for hair; It helps moisturize it, increases its shine, promotes its growth, and is resistant to chemicals and chemical damage, and also helps treat high hair porosity.

Preparation of the coconut oil mask:

Wash hair well.

Coconut oil is put in an appropriate amount.

Spread the oil on the hair and massage well, taking into account that the oil reaches the scalp and thus to the ends of the hair.

Leave the coconut oil on the hair for 30 minutes, and cover with a plastic cap or shower cap.

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Wash hair well with cold water and shampoo.

Repeat the process once a week.

Aloe vera oil mask for high porosity hair:
Aloe vera oil, like coconut oil; They are heavy products that are useful in treating high hair porosity, because they create a protective barrier around the hair strands, which prevents water evaporation, which helps restore the damaged outer layer.

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Second: Dealing with hair with low porosity

Hair with low porosity is characterized by its outer layer being very close to each other; This makes the hair not easily absorb the hair-treated materials, and also prevents oils from reaching the hair layer, and it is also resistant to humidity.

It is also difficult for hair with low porosity to absorb pigments; So you find it bothering its owner a lot.

It is also not flexible, and its size is small and light.

Hair with low porosity, as opposed to high porosity,

Low porosity hair treatment:

Low porosity hair needs heat to help treat it. Because it helps open the pores of the skin of the head.

hot water:
One of the safest ways to treat low porosity is hot water, as it helps open the pores of the skin of the head.

Combing hair with heat combing tools:
Thermal hair combs also help to solve this problem; Where it helps to lighten the pores of the head.

Clay and apple cider vinegar mask for low porosity hair:
Hair must be prepared before the clay and apple mask by one of the thermal methods:

Apply the conditioner and heat it on the hair either with a hair dryer or a hot towel, then wash it before applying the mask.

Apply the mask to the hair and mix it with apple cider vinegar.

Wash the catcher well.

Repeat the process once every week.

Clay mask and apple cider vinegar help remove buildups on the scalp. Which helps to fix the problem of low porosity.

After this process, you can paint the hair with one of the light oils, such as: (avocado oil - jojoba oil - argan oil).

Third: normal hair porosity

This type of porosity is characterized by its moderate absorption of oils, medicines, and hair products, and its moderation in retaining moisture. Which makes the hair strands flexible, healthy and shiny, and also helps to increase the density of hair, and this style of hair is very comfortable to deal with; As it is subject to demobilization, and is unobtrusive in dealing with it, and hair with low porosity accepts dyes and creams, and accepts hair treatments, as it accepts all hair preparations, and works in it effectively, and it is preferable for the owner of this hair to eat foods containing protein on an almost daily basis and not to excessive in the use of hair products.

It is also advised to avoid products that contain silicone, made of fatty or oily materials.

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We talked about hair porosity and the methods used to find out what type of porosity your hair is.

We mentioned how to deal with each type.

And natural treatment methods for those who need treatment from them.

This makes your hair healthy, and also porous; Which helps its vitality, freshness and health.

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