Types of hair and ways to take care of it

Types of hair and ways to take care of it

People’s styles are different, and their shapes are also different, with their different colors, and their nature, and this difference also exists in the types of human hair, some of them have black hair, and some of them have brown hair, and some of them have blonde hair, and the density of hair may vary from person For another, as the nature of hair may differ, and this is the course of our conversation (types of hair).

Hair types:

normal hair.

Greasy hair.

dry hair.

Mixed hair.

 Normal hair:

It is one of the best types of hair, but it needs some care and healthy nutrients to get healthy and soft hair, and it is the least type of hair that is prone to problems.

* We can identify normal hair, as it is the middle between oily hair and dry hair, so the fat is reduced and no dryness appears on it, as it is not dry and not greasy.

Ordinary hair care methods:

Choosing the right type of shampoo that contains natural materials.

Avoid exposure to the sun and prolonged use of dryers.

Do not wash too much so that over time it does not turn into dry hair.

Use nutrients and moisturizers from time to time to maintain the hair.

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Oily hair:

 It is the one in which fat appears in abundance and loses the shape of its hairstyle quickly.

 Oily hair characteristics:

- It attracts dust easily, its appearance is wet.

Hair strands attached to each other.

Unclean and rude.

- Needs frequent washing.

- Prone to crust formation.

- He looks dead and lifeless.

Dull, lacking luster and luster.

* We can know if the hair is greasy or not, after two days of washing the hair, we find the hair greasy.

 The most important problems that cause oily hair:

- Hormonal changes activate the sebaceous glands.

The puberty period in which the activity of the sebaceous glands increases.

Heat and humidity build up fat and increase its secretion.

- An unhealthy diet that increases the secretion of fats such as: spices, spices, chocolate and spicy foods in general

- Touching and playing with hair frequently.

Genetic factor: If one of the parents has greasy hair, the child inherits it.

Chemical treatments for the hair work to secrete more fat.

Some medications affect hormones, causing an increase in sebum secretion.

- Combing the hair violently affects the scalp and causes irritation and inflammation. It stimulates the glands to secrete fat.

- Psychological stress.

Putting excessive oil on the scalp increases sebum secretion.

Oily hair care methods:

- Washing oily hair regularly from 2 to 3 times a week to get rid of excess fat and dust that is related to it and spoil its appearance

- Avoid washing hair daily because it increases the secretion of oil

- Using oily hair shampoo to get rid of excess fat, and it is better that it contains amino acids, natural cleaning agents and vinegar or lemon.

Use oily hair care products that contain the least amount of fat.

Avoid using thermal hair dryers.

- Do not comb the hair too much so as not to increase the secretion of fat

- Use hair products on the ends of the ends only instead of covering the entire head.

 Important tips to care for oily hair:

- Washing hair with apple cider vinegar to get rid of shampoo or soap residue.

Avoid using 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner products.

Leave the shampoo on the hair for 3 minutes when washing it, then rinse with water.

Avoid touching the hair too much.

- Comb wet hair with a wide-toothed comb, not a brush, because it causes electrical charges when pulled.

Using a hairspray for oily hair, which contains hair cleaning materials and slows down the secretion of scalp sebum.

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Dry hair

 is hair that is exposed to dryness after washing because it cannot absorb moisture and lose its luster at the same time, and it always appears dull and dry because it loses the fat that gives it softness and luster.

Characteristics of dry hair:

- Dry to the touch.

Hair breaks easily.

Difficult to comb.

It has split ends.

It lacks softness and luster.

- Rough texture.

- It looks curly and wired.

 Tangled tufts of hair.

Difficult to comb and make different hairstyles.

It causes electrical charges and increases its splitting.

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The most important problems that cause dry hair:

- Excessive shampooing.

Excessive use of thermal dryers in hairdressing.

Excessive exposure to the sun and wind causes dehydration.

Use of inappropriate care products for dry hair.

- Permanent hair straightening with chemicals, which increases its dryness.

- Use of frequent dyes.

Salt or chlorine water in swimming pools.

Frequent brushing of the hair.

- Hormonal changes during puberty.

Exposure to psychological stress.

Certain medications cause hair dryness.

Exposure to genetic disorders.

Exposure to the body of some diseases.

An unhealthy diet.

Excessive use of hair styling products.

Dandruff and scalp infections.

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Dry hair care methods:

- Use a moisturizing shampoo for dry hair .

Washing dry hair every period, preferably once a week, so that it is not exposed to more dryness.

Use lukewarm water when washing hair.

Avoid using hot water that dries out the hair.

Use a shampoo and then a moisturizing conditioner for dry hair.

It is preferable to leave the conditioner on the hair for several minutes, ranging from 3 to 5 minutes, until it is absorbed.

Avoid using an air dryer to dry the hair, as it causes it to become more dry.

Use a heat protection spray.

- Cut the ends of the hair regularly every 5 weeks to get rid of split ends and to avoid split ends.

- Beware of using soap and using more shampoos containing glycerin and olive oil

- Regular use of moisturizers to maintain the percentage of fat inside the hair

- A lot of scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation so that blood flow to the sebaceous glands increases.

Use shampoos that contain lower levels of hydrogen ions (Ph).

Important tips to care for dry hair:

- Make a hot bath for the scalp by bringing two tablespoons of almond oil or olive oil and warm it, then apply it to the hair and wrap it with a hot towel for 30 minutes.

Repeat the bath at least once a week to moisturize the hair.

The hair of the head and scalp can be painted with white honey and left on the hair for 15 minutes and then washed off.

Use a hair styling lotion.

- Activating the hair from top to bottom to stimulate the scalp to secrete fat and transfer it to the ends of the hair during combing

- A good diet with the use of some hair vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants.

Drink plenty of water daily to prevent dehydration of the body and thus prevent hair from drying out. Hair should not be exposed to heat. It is preferable to wear a hat on the head while walking and exposure to the sun.

Avoid condensing the use of heat dryers.

Avoid washing hair frequently to maintain the moisture content in the scalp.

Stay away from dyes and hair straighteners.

The scalp is massaged with the front of the fingers to improve blood circulation, not with the nails, so as not to inflame the scalp and cause hair loss .

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Mixed hair:

 It is characterized by increased fat in the scalp and reduced at the ends.

Mixed hair care methods:

- Choosing the right shampoo for mixed hair to suit the nature of dry and oily hair in order to preserve hair follicles and protect hair from damage.

Apply a conditioner or cream bath to the ends of the hair to moisturize it.

Do not brush the hair excessively so as not to break the hair.

Avoid combing the hair while it is wet because it is in its weakest state and causes breakage.

- Comb the hair after it dries by applying a serum or cream then comb the hair.

Important tips for the care of mixed hair:

- Do a hair mask periodically once or twice a week as 

- It works to nourish the hair, which works to strengthen the hair follicles and prevent their loss or breakage.

- Using hair shampoo twice a week, preferably a shampoo for mixed hair, in order to preserve the vitality of the hair.

Tie your hair before bed so as not to cause friction with the pillow, which leads to hair breakage and damage.

Avoid exposure to intense hot sunlight and dust so as not to weaken the hair follicles. Dry the hair with a cotton towel until it absorbs the water well.

Maintaining and constantly moisturizing the ends of the hair. Although the hair is greasy, the ends are dry and in need of moisturizing.

It is necessary to use the type of shampoo and choose a preferred shampoo for mixed hair so that it works to remove the excess fat so as not to cause the appearance of dandruff and cause hair loss.


We mentioned to you the types of hair and how to identify each type and ways to care for it and the most important tips that must be taken into account to care for all types of hair.


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