Learn about the benefits of hair plasma

Learn about the benefits of hair plasma

Many people suffer from problems in the hair or scalp. These problems lead to hair loss in a large proportion; Which makes the person look for a solution to this problem, and be keen that this solution is fast and safe.

Some resort to:

-  Vitamin hair loss.

. Hair loss pills

Hair loss shampoo.

. Hair loss spray

Hair breakage treatment.

Hair transplant process.

Plasma hair injection.

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Plasma injections

Talking about plasma injections in detail:

Plasma injections are a safe and healthy method. It is a modern technique used in the treatment of many pathological conditions, as it stimulates the division of stem cells that have the ability to divide and multiply to give multiple types of specialized cells such as skin cells and cartilage cells, which

 are responsible For the renewal of damaged cells, which leads to the production of new cells automatically for the body and tissue regeneration, promoting the growth of new blood vessels and stimulating the healing process of wounds, which is completely safe and without any side effects in the long term because it depends on the injection of self-materials from the same patient and therefore there are no fears of rejection The body of the injected substance or the transmission of any bacterial infection 


Uses of plasma injections:

Skin problems: To treat wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, cases of hair loss.

 Orthopedic problems: knee roughness, degenerative diseases of the dorsal vertebrae and joints in the body, tennis elbow injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and muscle tendon injuries, 

hair plasma injections:

used to solve scalp problems, and treat hair loss in men.

Therefore, many resort to it these days, especially because the process takes only a few minutes (10 minutes).

In this process, plasma is injected into the scalp, and the plasma is of great benefit to the hair as it regenerates cells, stimulates collagen production, and stimulates protein in the scalp.

Protein and collagen are components of the middle layer of the skin; Where they give us freshness and vitality to the skin.

One of the advantages of hair plasma is that it strengthens the scalp and increases its strength as it has the ability to germinate new hair and nourish it in the right way.

Benefits of plasma injection for hair:

1- Filling the blanks in the scalp caused by scars that impede hair growth in a healthy and healthy way.

2- Treatment of hair loss in a large proportion; It stimulates the secretion of collagen, and collagen helps stimulate the growth of new hair follicles.

3- It treats scalp problems and helps regenerate its tissues.

4- It strengthens the hair follicles and helps to fix them in the scalp.

5- Treatment of damaged and brittle hair; As it transports food, helps metabolism and thus nourishes the scalp.

6- It has an active role in the secretion of testosterone, which causes hair loss.

The steps of the hair plasma injection process:

Here are the steps for the hair plasma injection in detail:

1- The doctor draws a sample of the person’s blood ranging between 8 millimeters.

2- This sample of blood is placed in a centrifuge, as this device separates the plasma from the rest of the blood components.

3- After that, the blood plasma comes out, which is the main and main source of platelets, and the blood plasma is characterized by its yellowish color.

4- Calcium is added to the blood plasma, which in turn helps in cell growth and renewal.

5- This liquid, which is composed of plasma and calcium, is placed in very fine, specialized injections to the scalp.

6- This process does not require an objective anesthetic, but sometimes the doctor resorts to it to relieve the pain of acupuncture.

7- This process takes a few minutes, approximately 10 minutes, and this is one of its advantages.

8- This process does not require more than 3 sessions, as each session is separated from the other by 7 to 14 days.

9- When the final session ends, the results of the injection will appear after 3 to 6 months.

Tips to be followed after the plasma injection process:

There are tips that must be followed so that the plasma injection process brings positive results.

1- Attention should be paid to sterilization and hygiene during the operation, and this ensures the success of the operation.

2- Refrain from applying any kind of chemical hair products for two weeks after the procedure.

3- Staying away from hair dye for two weeks so that it does not affect the injection negatively.

4- Avoid applying products that contain creatine, which negatively affect the hair.

5- Not to wash the hair of the head until 24 hours after the injection, so as not to harm the hair.

6- Drinking large amounts of water; This stimulates the growth of scalp cells and rid them of toxins.

7- Eating foods that contain a high percentage of hair vitamins; It leads to positive results, and helps the success of the plasma injection process.

8- It is necessary to put ice cubes on the scalp if you experience redness, swelling, or irritation of the scalp.

Hair plasma injection side effects: Hair

plasma injection is a safe procedure, and it is characterized by few side effects, but some complications and side effects may occur in some people, including:

- Slight redness in the scalp, and this is not a concern.

A feeling of itching at the injection site, which is one of the things that do not worry.

The injection may cause minor bruising in the skin, which is normal.

Tingling and pain after the injection, which is not alarming.

You can overcome these minor effects, by using the ointments that your doctor prescribes for you after the injection process.

- Avoid exposure to direct sunlight until a week after the injection procedure, and a hat must be worn when leaving the house.

Allergic reactions to the anesthetic or constriction at the injection points.

Infection after the operation if there is a defect in the sterilization process.

- Fungal or bacterial infection after the operation if there is a sterilization defect.


People who should avoid the plasma injection process:

1- Individuals with a hemoglobin level less than 10.

2- Patients with tumors that spread through the blood vessel.

3- People undergoing treatment with cortisone injections, as this leads to the failure of the hair plasma process, and it is not recommended for them to be given injections until after they stop injecting cortisone for at least a month.

4- People with liver problems are prohibited from resorting to the plasma injection process, as this affects them negatively.

5- Patients who take analgesic drugs that act on platelets, as their work is disrupted, so the operation is not performed for them until after stopping the analgesics for 10 days.

6- People with thyroid disease.

7- People with sepsis.

8- Individuals suffering from a deficiency of blood sugars.

9- People suffering from chronic skin diseases.

 10- People with an infection such as the herpes virus, which causes bumps on the scalp that leads to dermatitis.


It is recommended with hair plasma treatment to get plasma once every 15 days, and this helps to solve hair loss.

Studies have proven that hair plasma:

Helps to prolong hair. 

Increase hair thickness.

A solution to the problem of hair loss

stimulates the epidermal papilla cells, which have a major role in hair growth.

It plays a major role in prolonging the anagen phase of the hair, which helps in its density and strength.

Thus, we have mentioned:

Plasma injections that treat hair problems and their benefits.

Individuals excluded from this process.

 The negatives that may occur after its implementation.

Precautions to be taken before and after the operation in order for it to bear fruit.


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