Causes of hair breakage

Causes of hair breakage

Undoubtedly, hair is one of the causes of human beauty, as well as one of the reasons for his psychological comfort, and it is one of the reasons for moderating the mood.

When a person's hair is affected by any injury that harms him, whether it is (brittleness - falling - dandruff - scalp infections - blockage in his follicles), this affects the person with insomnia and causes him discomfort, which makes him have to search for a healthy, safe and fast treatment to get rid of this problem.

Hair proteins are arranged in groupings called (microfibers). They are quickly affected by external factors, even if this factor is simple. Some practices that an individual may perform daily towards his hair lead to the separation of protein groups from each other from the free side of the hair; The hair appears brittle, unhealthy and broken unevenly from its ends.

Medical studies have proven that split ends are not only limited to the ends of the hair, but that it can reach any part of the hair.

Causes of hair breakage:

The problem of hair breakage is not limited to one cause, but there are multiple reasons that play a major role in hair breakage and damage to it:

Shelling and loss caused by dry hair due to natural factors:

- Hair breaks and becomes dehydrated due to some natural or environmental factors. that affect it, such as:


- Exposing hair to strong winds, or exposing it to cold, which leads to hair breakage.

Exposure to the scorching sun, as exposure to sunlight negatively affects the hair and head, resulting in scalp inflammation that causes split ends.

High temperatures, especially in desert areas in the summer, negatively affect the hair and the head, damaging the hair.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a heat protection spray to avoid hair breakage and damage.

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caused by dry hair due to wrong practices with hair:

- Washing hair frequently with shampoos, especially anti-dandruff, leads to dry hair; Thus, it causes breakage.

Using heat-drying tools daily leads to dry and brittle hair.

Neglecting periodic hair care such as (not moisturizing it with oil baths, or not cutting its ends - using shampoo without conditioner) leads to severe dryness and brittleness and a decrease in the beauty of its appearance.

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- Using low-quality styling tools or rusty, worn-out scissors to cut the ends of the hair, causes hair to split and split.

- One of the causes of hair breakage is dealing with hair violently, such as combing wet hair vigorously, or untangling the hair in violent ways, poor hair ties, and some styles of hairstyles such as: (ponytail - bun hairstyle), which lead to hair breakage.

The use of a poorly made hair tie causes breakage and it is recommended to change the place of the hair tie every period of time so that it does not fall out and breakage from specific places. It is preferable to single the hair as long as possible while at home.

It is recommended to moisturize the hair periodically in order to prevent its brittleness that causes breakage and to ensure that it is completely moisturized by dividing it into tufts and moisturizing each separately.

The use of a wig (artificial hair); Where it is tied with a compression band around the head, and this pressure causes suffocation of the blood vessels that feed the scalp, causing hair loss in a large proportion and also splitting.

The use of buckles and tight ties causes split ends.

Not moisturizing the hair enough leads to hair breakage, especially from the front, as it causes dryness and split ends.

Drying hair with a rough towel after showering or washing hair causes hair damage, deterioration and breakage. Instead of rubbing the hair with a towel, you can leave the towel on your hair a little to absorb the excess water; This avoids precipitation and embrittlement.

Not drinking enough water leads to hair loss and dryness, which results in hair loss. Therefore, you should drink a lot of water and fluids to compensate for the dehydration of the body, prevent dehydration, and keep it hydrated.

Swimming in swimming pools or sea water causes hair loss and brittleness as a result of the water being hard.

Not rinsing the hair well after shampooing causes breakage.

- Lack of hair care causes split ends; As some people neglect to wash their hair, it has been proven that being lazy about washing hair for more than 5 days leads to hair breakage, and it also results in a defect in the secretion of sebaceous glands and hinders them from performing their function well and this leads to dry hair and then to splitting.

Not washing the hair for long periods leads to the accumulation of dust and dirt around the hair shaft, which leads to its fragility and then to its bombing.

Hair bombing caused by weak hair due to health problems:

 Sometimes a person goes through some health problems that lead to dry and weak hair, such as: 

- An imbalance in hormones, especially thyroid hormones, whether it is an excess or deficiency in the secretion of hormones, which directly affects hair growth and weakness. It is splitting and then followed by abnormal hair loss. Here, rapid intervention is required to solve hair loss

- Menkes syndrome, which leads to dry hair and then hair loss. It causes a defect in the apparent dermal hypoplasia, which leads to hair breakage.

Capillary sulfur atrophy, which negatively affects the hair and leads to hair loss, dryness and brittleness.

Biotin deficiency is one of the health causes that lead to hair breakage. Biotin produces amino acids and fats and helps in the metabolism of the body and benefits the hair. The lack of biotin in the body negatively affects the condition of the hair and head, where hair falls and dries up. It is an important element Very good for hair and skin.

- The presence of skin infections in the scalp affecting hair tufts; It leads to weak and dry hair, causing severe itching and then hair

- the presence of fungi in the scalp that causes breakage.

Pulling hair unconsciously or resulting from nervous disorders or psychological tensions, results in hair splitting and hair loss is dangerous as the person wraps the hair and bends it on his finger and then pulls it, which leads to the deterioration of the hair and causes the hair to break and split.

Not following a balanced and healthy diet:

Eating unbalanced food leads to a deficiency in hair vitamins and damages the entire body.

Deficiency of some minerals such as zinc causes damage to the hair and then dries it, resulting in split ends.

It is known that biotin produces amino acids and fats and also helps in the metabolism of the body and thus benefits the hair.

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resulting from the use of harmful chemical products: The

 Use of chemical straightening and smoothing products leads to hair breakage, especially from the front; Where it absorbs the amount of oils secreted by the scalp.

Exposing the hair to harmful chemicals such as: (hair straightening creams, dyes, gel cream) to dry hair and spoil it from the roots and the hair is unable to return to its vitality, resulting in bombing and hair loss in abundance.

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- Using alkaline products with hair, whether it is cleaning the hair, or fixing it like a gel, this isolates the hair and prevents it from breathing and damages the hair, and it falls out.

Thus, we have mentioned the disturbing phenomenon of hair loss.

The most important causes of hair breakage are; So we avoid it.


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