Ear infection causes and treatment

Ear infection causes and treatment

Otitis is one of the common diseases that affects many people, and they are looking for ear drops that greatly help in treating the ear as a result of the transfer of the active substance in the solution directly to the ear, but there are many types of drops that are used for the ear and in this article the mention will be devoted to Otosan. Ear points.

Earache causes
There are several causes of ear infection, which may need to use ear drops in treatment, and these reasons are:

hormonal balance disorders
There are diseases that occur as a result of hormonal disorders, such as thyroid hormone. When an imbalance occurs, it causes ear pain and a significant increase in weight with low energy in the body.

The hormonal imbalance that affects many women may also cause disorders in the vestibular and inner ear, as well as Meniere's disease, and the presence of tinnitus in the ear.

Sore throat
Sore throats occur as a result of bacterial or viral infections, allergies, or exposure to polluting external factors, and the matter doubles if treatment is neglected, which causes ear infections.

This can be treated by using antibiotics to treat the throat with the use of ear drops, which helps in treating the matter quickly.

Sinus infections

A person may develop sinusitis, which causes swelling of the nasal cavities as a result of exposure to viruses, bacteria or fungi, which makes the adenoids grow in the lining of the nose, causing an ear infection and can be treated with ear drops.

Meniere's disease

This disease occurs as a result of a defect in the inner ear, where the patient suffers from hearing loss, with a feeling of neighborhood, ringing in the ear, nausea and headache, and if not treated, the patient may develop deafness and mouth ulcers.

The seasons in which you are exposed to ear pain, and is the treatment an eardrop?
People are exposed to colds, especially in the winter, or sinusitis, which causes an ear infection, and sinusitis is usually in the spring as a result of the spread of pollen, or in the winter as a result of climatic changes.

Ear drops can be used to treat ear infections that may occur in different seasons, as it is a strong and fast effective treatment to get rid of pain and infections.

- Natural materials that make up the ear drops

Otosan ear drops, which consist of natural extracts such as propolis, are among the best drops used in the treatment of the following:

Eliminate excess wax in the ear.

Relieves redness and skin irritation.

Helps cleanse the ear and restore physiological balance.

It can be used by adults or children as it is good for everyone.

How do you use ear drops and how many times a day?
It is preferable to use Otosan ear drops twice a day or according to the doctor’s instructions, and ear drops are used as follows:

Make sure to wash your hands well with soap and water.

Do not touch the tip of the drop with anything to avoid contamination.

Sleeping on one side with the ear tilted upward.

Add a few drops to the ear as directed by the doctor.

Stay in the reclining position for two minutes, and apply a small drop to wipe off the excess of the drops.

Repeat the previous steps for the other ear.

Warnings and precautions when using ear drops
When using Otosan ear drops, caution should be taken when using it, and the following instructions should be followed:

Use the prescription according to the doctor's instructions in the method of taking it, the quantity and the number of times.

When using ear drops, care should be taken not to put water in the ear during the treatment period.

See a doctor if you feel severe pain or redness of the earlobe.

Do not use the drops if changes such as color or lumps occur

Make sure to take the right amount of drops.

Make sure to shake the bottle well before use.

It is preferable to warm the package between the hands before use to avoid feeling dizzy.

In conclusion, after getting to know Otosan ear drops, which is one of the best drops for the ear, as it contains natural materials that are not harmful to the ear, and helps treat many ear diseases, but you must follow the doctor’s instructions in the correct use of it.

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