When is hair loss dangerous

When is hair loss dangerous

loss is a worrying problem for women and men. All people lose their hair; This is the nature of hair. The old and harmonious hair must fall out so that new hairs can grow, otherwise the new hair will not sprout if the old one does not fall out, and this is God’s wisdom in His creation.

In this article, we will explain the difference between the natural regeneration of old hair, the damage and the increased loss that may reach the risk.

Medical studies have proven that the human scalp contains a large amount of hair, ranging from 80,000 to 120,000 hairs, and the rate of hair loss naturally is only 10% of it until it is replaced by another new hair that is healthier and fresher, and hair loss is normal if it does not exceed 150 hairs The hair loss is abnormal, and worrying, which may reach the risk, is the hair loss in which the hair loss ranges between 200 to 500 hairs per day.

Causes of serious hair loss: 

Malnutrition and lack of some vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth:

 especially iron, vitamin B, and protein, and excessive use of vitamin A, the deficiency of these leads to hair loss, which reaches the risk.


Some people follow therapeutic diets that lead to a deficiency of some vitamins important for hair, as well as a lack of iron and protein, which leads to severe hair loss.

Dealing with hair improperly:

Excessive use of heated hairdressing tools or continuous drying.

And sometimes the wrong way of combing, or some hairstyles (such as a bun-ponytail) lead to serious hair loss.


Some medical conditions:

People with diabetes may lose their hair to a large extent.

And lupus patients lose their hair in a lot of up to serious cases and need treatment and rapid intervention.

Hormonal problems: Hormonal

problems such as lazy or hyperactive thyroid gland, or when androgens and estrogens (male-female hormones) are out of balance in a person, this leads to hair loss with a lot of up to the risk.

Exposure to major surgeries:

Major surgeries lead to disorders in the human body that cause wasting, weakness, and anemia; All this leads to serious hair loss.

Three months after natural childbirth, a change occurs in the hormones of the woman’s body, causing abundant and abundant hair loss, in addition to the hormonal imbalance in women during the menstrual cycle; It also causes shedding.

Androgenetic Alopecia (Androgenetic Alopecia):

Androgenetic alopecia is one of the serious diseases that may affect the scalp and lead to profuse and dangerous hair loss, and it requires quick and effective intervention.


Chemotherapy, which is used for cancer patients, causes a lot of hair loss, which leads to the loss of all of it, which makes the hair loss more dangerous.

Alopecia Areata (partial hair loss):

It often occurs when the immune system is affected and leads to major problems that increase hair loss. Alopecia areata affects people of different age groups, which makes it difficult and dangerous.

Alopecia areata leads to the loss of hair on the head and the entire body, which makes the matter and the loss dangerous, and it needs quick medical intervention to take the medications that treat it.

Cicatricial Alopecia:

Alopecia leads to inflammation around the hair follicles, resulting in bald spots on the head that cause itching and pain, which leads to severe hair loss.

Ringworm of the head:

Ringworm is a serious disease that affects the scalp, resulting from a fungal infection caused by fungi in the skin of the head with the appearance of spots covered with scales on the scalp, when the disease increases, this spot expands and spreads significantly, leading to redness of the skin color, and swellings in the scalp The head causes fluid secretion and excessive hair loss, which makes the loss dangerous.

Use of hair preparations that contain harmful chemicals:

Some resort to using dyes or creams to straighten hair and other preparations, and one of the components of these preparations contains a chemical compound that is harmful to hair or skin; Hair breaks and falls out to a large extent, it becomes dangerous.

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Hair-pulling obsession:

Some people may go through psychological or nervous pressures that result in their obsession with twisting and bending the hair and pulling it out of the head.

Many people’s obsession with pulling hair is a bad habit that is not related to psychological diseases or nervous stress, so they tend to pull their hair, which leads to hair loss with a large percentage of up to the risk.

Things that cause hair loss a lot and do not pay much attention to them, such as the high temperature that may affect some people sometimes, which may lead to hair loss in a large number of up to the risk.

Acute infection and severe acute flu may also lead to hair loss, and this hair loss is a lot, and sometimes it becomes dangerous.

Fungal infections of the scalp:

When the hair is infected with fungal infections, it falls out, and the hair loss is chronic and profuse, and the loss reaches what can be called a danger due to these infections.

Taking some medications:

Some medications cause excessive hair loss, such as (heart medications, high blood pressure medications, gout, contraceptive pills), which lead to severe hair loss.

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Some diseases, nervous stresses, or psychological tensions lead to hair loss in a very large percentage, reaching the so-called terminal phase, where hair falls out at a high rate and accelerates to reach the risk.

Severe deficiency in vitamin D:

Lack of hair vitamins, especially vitamin D, is one of the things that lead to severe hair loss. Because its deficiency leads to a lack of immunity and is responsible for a proper metabolism that helps build bones and transfer calcium to the whole body and food for hair.

Vitamin D stimulates the old hair follicles, which maintains the health of the hair, which also stimulates the hair to produce new follicles.

It causes hair loss and thinning, which causes the person to lose his beauty.

Severe deficiency of vitamin B7:

Biotin is an important element for hair, skin and body, as it is responsible for the growth of all cells.

Helps a proper metabolism that helps the delivery of food to the scalp and hair follicles.

Responsible for the production of beneficial oils for hair, which helps moisturize and shine hair.

Important for hair and skin, and an effective treatment for inflammation of the skin and acne, the severe deficiency in it leads to hair loss in a large proportion that reaches the risk.

Severe zinc deficiency:

Zinc is very important for the skin and hair, as it enhances and strengthens the human immune system, and its deficiency causes hair loss in a large and alarming proportion.

Hair falls out in a large proportion in the summer and it is called seasonal hair loss, and the hair is in a state of idleness, which leads to its loss at a normal rate, but the danger is that the hair does not sprout again and leaves spaces in women’s hair that need safe, effective and rapid intervention, especially in women who have light hair Thin, the precipitation will be dangerous.

Exposure to the scorching sun causes damage to the hair follicles and weakening of the hair roots, causing serious hair loss.

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In this way, we have presented the causes of dangerous hair loss in men and women in order to avoid them, so as to preserve the health, attractiveness and beauty of the hair.


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