Hair loss treatment for men

Hair loss treatment for men

The phenomenon of hair loss in men is a worrying and troubling thing for them; It results from several things, and when men are affected by this phenomenon; They need a quick, healthy and safe intervention at the same time in order for it to bear the desired fruits.

But before talking about hair loss in men, we must know the difference between normal and abnormal (worrisome) hair loss.

The phenomenon of natural hair loss in men:

Many men become concerned when they find hair attached to the ends of the comb.

Or when he finds hair collected inside a hairbrush.

Or when he finds hair falling on the outskirts and corners of the house.

Or when he finds hair falling out after showering, or when he finds hair falling on his shoulders or suit.

He gets very worried!!!!!!!!!!

But before doubt or concern, it is necessary to focus on the percentage and number of these hairs falling from the head..............

What medical studies have proven is that the normal rate of hair loss on the human head is from 100 to 120 hairs per day, and this provides an opportunity for hair to regenerate and replace it with new hair. This is the natural loss of human hair.

When is anxiety or stress?

And when does external intervention need to be made?

When does it need treatment?

What medical studies have proven:

that human hair falling from his head is worrisome when it reaches 200 hairs per day, at this time we need rapid, safe, health intervention that is not expensive or stressful.

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Worrying hair loss in men:

Hair loss in men is worrisome; And that is if more than 120 hairs fall out per day (and this is what medical studies have proven).

But there are many reasons behind worrying hair loss, including:

- Vitamin and mineral deficiency: the

lack of vitamins and minerals leads to abundant and abundant hair loss in men; As it weakens the hair, this leads to its loss.

Genetic factors (hereditary alopecia):

which results in hair loss in men, where genetic baldness begins in men from their teens or early twenties.

Anemia (anemia):

Anemia or anemia, often caused by a lack of iron in the body; This leads to a disruption in the directing of oxygen to the body; This impedes the blood supply to the hair and leads to hair loss.

Hormonal imbalance caused by a defect in the thyroid gland: 

Hormonal imbalance leads to hair loss.

The presence of a defect in the immune system:

it causes general weakness and emaciation in the body, resulting in hair loss in men.


a person’s desire to pull hair from the head or eyebrows, a chronic condition that can affect 1 to 2% of adolescents and adults. 

Exposure to stress, tension and pressure:

especially in men when they are under pressure in their work, or when they lack a job; These stresses


that affects the scalp, which affects the hair follicles, leading to hair loss in men.

Lichen planus:

which appears on the scalp; It leads to hair loss in men.


According to what medical studies have proven, diabetes weakens the human immune system, which affects the scalp and leads to hair loss in men. 

Lupus erythematosus:

It is one of the diseases that affect men's hair, leading to its loss.

According to the Mayo Clinic, lupus causes widespread inflammation, usually destroying the skin, particularly on the face and scalp. And lead to hair loss in men.


a disease that affects the skin; It leads to hair loss.

It is a granulomatous disease that leads to infections in part of the body, and affects the eyes, heart and other organs.

It also has an effect on hair; It leads to hair loss in men.

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Treatment of hair loss in men:

1- Laser hair transplantation:

Professor Ahmed Al-Sharif (Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Ain Shams Medicine):

The laser hair transplantation is one of the hair transplant operations that depend on shedding a group of light beams from very low-level laser beams. Which in turn leads to stimulating weak follicles in order to increase their growth rates, which is a preferred method for many people.

It is a somewhat expensive process. 

2- Surgical hair transplantation:

It is a non-invasive cosmetic surgery, where the surgeon transfers hair from a permanent area to the balding area or light hair in the scalp, where the surgeon transfers hair from the back or sides of the head to the front area.

But scarring or serious infections such as staph infections can occur.

It may also cause a change in the natural shape of the head if the hair increases in the front of the head and decreases in the back, which is contrary to nature.

Besides, it needs a big material cost. 

3- Lowering the hairline or introducing the hairline:

in which the surgeon moves the hair growth site down, or advances the scalp forward; Where hair reaches certain distances.

But it may cause scarring, or bruising and swelling, and is ineffective in people with light hair, and hair loss may occur afterwards.

Besides, it is financially expensive.

4- Safer pharmacological solutions:

- Such as the use of vitamins that help in the growth and treatment of hair in men (which contain vitamin A - vitamin B7, vitamin B12 - vitamin C - vitamin D - iron zinc). Safe, healthy and inexpensive.

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Shampoos to thicken hair; to solve the problem of hair loss in men.

Creams containing moisturizers that help treat hair loss in men.

Oils to treat hair problems and repair defects.

Paints for the treatment of hair loss:

used to treat androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata.

Where the treatment is applied to the scalp twice a day, and works efficiently to prevent hair loss, and to renew its growth. In men who suffer from hair loss.

Tablets to treat baldness in men: 

They are taken daily, and work to prevent the transformation of testosterone (dihydrotestosterone, the hormone that causes hair follicles to shrink.

Cortisone injections:

which are injected into the scalp to treat partial hair loss in men


used in cases of severe hair loss, and helps hair grow within 4

weeks.-Minoxidil Spray:

It contains minoxidil that stimulates hair growth, especially in the scalp.are over 40 years

is also used to intensify beard

hair.It is also effective for people who suffer from lack of facial

hair.-Minoxidil guide shampoo: to treat hair loss in

men.-Minoxidil gel: to treat hair loss in

men.-Minoxidil foaming solutionHair loss in men


Solutions to reduce hair loss and help treat it for men:

1- Pay attention to health:

Hair loss may be a notice of a defect in the body’s health, or the incidence of some diseases that cause this loss

2- Attention to medications:

it may be hair loss just hair Because of some medications, in this case, you should ask the specialist doctor, and ask to change this medication and replace it

3-Physical and sports activity:

Sports activity helps balance the level of hormones in the body and thus limits hair loss, you have to exercise and allocate 30 minutes a day to practice the sports you prefer.  

4- Clean hair regularly with a healthy

shampoo: Healthy shampoo keeps hair follicles from falling out, and regular washing reduces scalp infections and dandruff; Because both of them cause precipitation.

5- Taking vitamins to treat hair loss in men:

They are necessary for healthy and thicker hair, vitamin B improves natural hair color, and vitamin A improves blood circulation in the scalp and encourages production in the scalp. 

6- Rubbing hair with green tea:

Studies have shown that rubbing hair with green tea reduces hair loss.

 Soak two bags of green tea in a cup of boiling water and leave it to cool, then put it on the hair for an hour and then wash the hair.

Continue rubbing the hair with green tea for a week or 10 days to see the result.

7- Quitting smoking:

it reduces the flow of blood and nutrients to the scalp; It leads to a delay in hair growth, and to hair loss.

8-Avoid head sweating:

The accumulation of sweat in the pores causes the hair to weaken from the roots. You should avoid wearing a hat or helmet to avoid hair loss, especially in men.

9- Eating a diet rich in proteins:

Both fish, meat and legumes rich in proteins promote hair health and growth and reduce hair loss.

10-Massaging the scalp with essential oils:

Massaging the scalp for a few minutes activates the hair follicles. There are many oils that reduce hair loss, such as almond, sesame, and lavender oil.

11- Onion juice, garlic, ginger:

Massage the scalp with one of the juicers and leave it overnight and wash it in the morning and continue for a week, and the result will be noticeable.

12 - Maintaining the level of water in the body:

Moisturizing the body promotes hair growth; Where hair contains a large proportion of water, up to a quarter of its volume, you must drink at least four to eight cups a day to get the proportion of water in your body, and to have healthy hair

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Thus, we have exposed the causes of hair loss in men.

 And we have also shown ways to treat hair loss in men.

We also discussed ways to prevent hair loss in men, as (prevention is better than cure).


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