Immediate treatment for cough in children of different types

Immediate treatment for cough in children of different types

The mother is always looking for an immediate cure for cough in children, as coughing is one of the problems that young children are exposed to for several different reasons that vary according to the type of cough itself. When the mother sees her child coughing, she is very worried because it is dangerous. Diseases such as bronchitis, tracheitis, allergies, etc., and coughing may be an accompanying symptom in cases of cold and flu of all kinds, so it is necessary to identify an immediate treatment for cough in children in emergency cases before going to the doctor.


Do not worry if you suffer from a cough problem in children. Pharmacy Adam provides you with suggested treatments 


 Immediate treatment for cough in children 6 months of age 


To treat cough in children from 6 months of age, it is necessary first to know the reasons for the occurrence of cough. Heat or tonsillitis, and the child may continue to suffer from coughing for 8 weeks, so the causes and type of cough must be quickly known to the pediatrician. Children 

can be treated with herbs as an auxiliary treatment by boiling thyme leaves and making the child breathe the steam rising from them, as they cleanse and clean the trachea. It helps the child to breathe, and the child’s nose must be kept open by cleaning it with an antiseptic nose drop in order to facilitate breathing. This contributes to treating cough faster and more effectively. Steam sessions always contribute more effectively to the treatment and enhance the effect of the medicine.


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cough Immediate treatment for cough in children of one year


There are many solutions that can be followed to calm the cough in a child from the age of one year, including natural methods, those safe solutions that you love Mothers trust them, and there are also effective inherited recipes, and one of the most important natural ways to treat a cough for children over the age of one is the following methods: 

  • Honey: Honey is a natural antiseptic, antibacterial and bacterial, and it may be able to affect coughing fits. Give a spoonful of honey to the child before bedtime. It is recommended to dissolve it in water to Do not cause him any kind of difficulty swallowing or sticking in the throat 

noting that honey is forbidden for a child before he reaches one year.


  • Drinking liquids: Fluids relieve severe coughing because they contribute to dissolving and relieving mucus . The child can be given warm liquids such as sweet-tasting herbs such as anise and caraway. He can be given warm chicken soup or natural juices such as apple juice. 
  • Mint: Contains menthol that soothes the cough and contributes to cleansing Throat and expels mucus 
  • Thyme: Contains substances that help relax the throat and reduce coughing. 

If you notice that the cough persists and the condition does not improve , this is a matter of concern and the child must be presented to the pediatrician immediately   


 Treating cough in children at bedtime

The increase in cases of cough at bedtime is a matter of concern as it may recur In this case, the mother needs to seek treatment for severe coughing during sleep. Cough often occurs due to viral infection, and this makes it last for more than two weeks and needs treatment with antibiotics. In this case, saunas or steamers are necessary, especially in cases of asthma, and they contribute to opening The airways and the flow of air in them smoothly, stick to the medicines that the doctor ordered and give them to the child regularly at the time and dose and to complete the treatment C with natural recipes such as warm drinks and steam sessions, as well as following the advice of raising the child’s head on a pillow. This reduces nighttime coughing while reducing the use of air conditioning and heating devices because it contributes to cases of cough that increase at night and cause suffocation. 

Keep the child’s room clean, well ventilated and exposed to sunlight that cleanses it.infection does not recur, avoid strong smells that increase night coughing, such as: 

  • smoke
  • strong perfumes
  • incense 
  • air fresheners
  • , fried food smells and kitchen 
  • car exhaust
  • smoke in general  


the cigarette


Normal these drugs are: 


work most of it solvents: Mucolytic 

 its particles, making it a liquid that is easy to exit 

medicines These phlegm 

loosenAntihistamines: Antihistamines soothe 

 allergies and have an effective role in treating cough caused by asthma. There are many types that the doctor can recommend for each case. Consult the pediatrician 

in simple cases that do not have a viral infection. Consult the pharmacy and make sure to ensure the appropriate dose according to Weight and age of the child

Consult the doctor or pharmacist All our cough medicines are available at Adam Pharmacy 


Dear mother, avoid worrying coughs by making sure the child is warm and not passing in front of cold air currents or severe temperature differences, and if your child suffers from allergies, always make sure to take the medicine On the date with the distance from allergens so as not to exacerbate cases of cough.


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