Causes of frequent hair loss

Causes of frequent hair loss

loss is one of the problems that many suffer from; It is one of the disturbing and worrying problems, and what increases the concern if the loss is profuse, which needs quick and safe solutions, so we will show you the causes of hair loss in abundance in men and women.

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 When is excessive hair loss not a concern?? 

 According to Professor Hani Al-Nazer , Professor Dermatology :

(The problem of hair fall is satisfactory if more than 120 hairs fall daily, because this means that the hair falls out automatically without any pulling. As for the hair that falls in the comb and brush and during washing, there is no fear of it, because it falls in order to be replaced by other hairs. ). 

Thus, it becomes clear to us: that the hair that many of us find, whether on the tips of the comb in abundance during the demobilization, or a gathering inside the brush after the demobilization, or falling around the house, or falling after the shower, is not worrisome at all, because anxiety falls daily 200 hairs or more - and this According to what many medical studies have proven -

In this case we must resort to quick and safe interventions; To save the hair from this tragedy that it may suffer as a result of loss, weakness, or scalp infections, whether (vitamins - shampoos - sprays - foaming liquids - creams - oils - hair transplantation).

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  phenomenon 1- A lot of worrying hair loss:

 Hair loss in a moderate proportion.

 2- Excessive hair loss.

 First: moderate hair loss.

One of the main causes of hair loss is physical and psychological stress. They lead to his fall.

And also the excessive use of materials that contain chemicals Such as: (dyes - creams - hair straightening creams - shampoo) which harm the scalp; is caused by noticeable hair loss.

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What also causes hair loss is a lack of vitamins in the body, especially vitamin B7 and B12, as they strengthen the hair on the head, and prevent loss and damage.

One of the causes of hair loss that is overlooked by many, proven by recent medical studies and research, is the high level of cholesterol in the blood, which may cause severe hair loss.

One of the causes of hair loss is stress, psychological and nervous stress.

 What also leads to hair loss in the head is a defect in the body's immune system, which may cause general weakness and emaciation in the body, and result in hair loss in the head.

One of the causes of hair loss is also a defect in the thyroid gland, and this imbalance results in the secretion of hormones in the body, and these hormones lead to excessive hair.

Among the causes that also lead to hair loss are infections of the scalp resulting from dyes, creams, or individual creams or shampoos, or also resulting from a lack of vitamins. These chemicals and this lack of vitamins cause damage to the scalp that results in hair loss.

Some studies have proven that breastfeeding may be a major cause of hair loss in nursing mothers during the breastfeeding period.

  • (Diet), (diet), or (diet) may lead to hair loss; Which causes concern.



Excessive hair loss: Rapid hair loss is caused by several reasons:


Styling tools: Styling tools that emit heat is one of the causes of sudden hair loss, as it has been proven that high temperature leads to sudden and rapid hair loss; Where the high temperature also leads to dryness and burning of the hair; Eventually, it leads to excessive hair loss. 

Excessive hair styling:

Excessive and violent hair styling, which some resort to, leads after a while to its rapid, sudden and frequent loss.

Some hairdos:

There are some hairdos that many resort to that are a major cause of sudden and frequent hair loss, such as: (cake hairstyles that lead to stress on head hair - ponytail hairstyle also leads to stress on head hair); These two hairstyles lead to rapid and sudden shedding and a lot.

Androgenetic alopecia:

which may affect both men and women; It makes women's hair light in some areas of the head, which women usually get after menopause; But in men, the front of the head - the crown area - is lost, and the hair from this area falls out a lot.


It is one of the immune diseases that leads to a lot and rapid hair loss; As it affects the hair follicles, which leads to its frequent loss, and alopecia also leads to the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows.


It is one of the causes of sudden and rapid hair loss in women; where there is a rapid drop in estrogen levels; Which affects the woman's body in general, and thus affects the hair, as hair falls out a lot.

Hair loss during pregnancy and after childbirth is a temporary condition; Where hair returns to normal after this stage.

Nutritional deficiency:

Lack of nutrition is one of the causes of profuse hair loss. This is because it causes a significant shortage of vitamins and minerals important and necessary for hair; This leads to frequent falling out.

Fungal infection (ringworm):

empty, scaly patches of hair occur, and blisters appear on the scalp; Which results in itching, and hair breakage, and rapid and frequent loss.

 Stress hormone:

Many people go through life issues that lead to stress; Which results in a high level of cortisol (the stress hormone); It leads to a short hair life cycle and growth; This leads to a significant loss of head hair.

Taking some medications:

As there are some medications and drugs that lead to sudden hair loss, such as: (arthritis drugs - blood pressure control drugs - heart drugs - depression drugs - chemotherapy - radiation therapy).

Birth control pills may lead to hair loss, and this is while taking them, or when you stop taking them; It is better for women, before considering taking them, to look for pills that contain a low androgen index; It helps reduce hair loss.

Harmful chemical hair

dyes: Excessively chemically treated dyes cause hair damage that leads to hair loss.

The hair in this case needs to limit the use of these creams, and take a period of rest until the hair regains its vitality and freshness.

It is better to use natural dyes or henna as an alternative to it. To keep your hair safe.

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Seasonal Hair Loss: Seasonal

hair loss is one of the causes of sudden hair loss. Where some studies have found that there are certain periods or seasons in which hair falls profusely and loses its vitality and freshness.

This period is the hair rest period, also known as (Niolgene).

Only 10% of people are exposed to this condition. 


Trichotillomania is one of the causes of sudden hair loss. It is a mental illness or psychological disorder, which results in a recurring desire to pull hair; Repeated tightening results in a general weakening of the hair, and this weakening leads to its abundant and profuse hair loss.

This disorder is more common in women than in men.

In order to avoid excessive hair loss, the following tips must be followed: -

Avoid pollution:

because pollution has a bad effect on the hair; Dust, humidity, smoke and others lead to frequent hair loss. 

Moderate styling of the hair, combing and styling the hair in a correct manner.

-Clean the combs and styling tools periodically:

This is to preserve the hair, because dirty combs may be a cause of germ transmission; Which leads to the weakening of the hair follicles, causing hair loss.

Therefore, combs should be cleaned with soap and water at least once a week; In order to avoid a lot of rapid precipitation.

Avoiding what leads to stress, and not being subjected to psychological stress as much as possible, it is necessary to take a break during work, meditation, and walking; Which relaxes the soul, and maintains general health.

Be careful when using dyes, while avoiding chemically treated ones.

Follow an integrated diet that contains the vitamins, proteins, minerals and fats that the body and hair need.

Limit the use of high-temperature hair styling tools that lead to hair deterioration.

These are the causes of frequent hair loss.

And how to avoid these causes, so that we can protect ourselves from rapid precipitation, for (prevention is better than cure).


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