Cold cure in one day

Cold cure in one day

If you suffer from a cold and feel tired from the severity of symptoms and bored from sleeping in bed as a result of the disease, follow this article as we offer you a group of cold remedies in one day that can help you relieve symptoms and improve your condition. 

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What are the symptoms of a cold?

The common cold is a type of viral infection that affects the upper respiratory tract, especially the throat and nose area, and people of all age groups can catch a cold.

 But the most susceptible to colds are children under the age of six, and it is difficult to count viruses and the reason for colds is that their number is very large, and the cold is often cured and treated. Symptoms disappear within a week to ten days, and a cold may last for more than this period for smokers, but it is recommended to see a doctor if symptoms persist for more than the mentioned period. 

Colds fall under several names or types, including


  • Viral rhinitis.
  • Acute viral nasopharyngitis.
  • Acute cold
  • nasopharyngitis or nasopharyngitis.

Cold symptoms appear two to three days after a viral infection, and usually last for seven to ten days. The most important symptoms are: a

  • runny and stuffy nose.
  • Sore throat.
  • Headache.
  • muscle pain;
  • The patient's body temperature is elevated.
  • coughing and sneezing;
  • Loss of sense of smell and taste.
  • Feeling of pressure in the face and ears. 

treatment One-day

cold remedy Not available, but self-care and taking nutritional supplements can help shorten the duration of illness.

 And among the ways to treat a cold in one day are the following:


  • Taking vitamin C, as studies have shown that taking vitamin C supplements helps reduce the duration of colds and the severity of colds.
  • Get enough rest when you have a cold. 
  • Beetroot juice is rich in dietary nitrates, which increase the production of nitric oxide in the body, which prevents infections in the respiratory tract.
  • Eating a spoonful of natural honey before bed relieves cough, helps sleep and soothes the throat.
  • Take decongestants, pain relievers, and cough suppressants.
  • Excessive consumption of hot drinks such as chicken soup, tea, and other herbal drinks that reduce the severity of colds, reduce congestion and improve breathing.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol and caffeine, as they cause dehydration and prolong illness. 
  • Eating a large amount of fluids, as a cold accompanies a rise in body temperature, in such a case the body loses a large amount of fluid, and therefore a person with a cold must compensate for the lack of fluid in the body.
  • Getting enough rest provides a chance for a faster recovery.
  • Set the room temperature and make it well ventilated so that it is warm and not too hot.
  • also helps control symptoms associated with the common cold. 
  • Steam inhalation is done by sitting in the bathroom with the door closed and opening the warm water tap until the bathroom is filled with rising steam.
  • Drinking warm drinks and gargling with a solution of water and salt without swallowing it, all these methods relieve sore throats associated with colds.
  • Reducing nasal congestion and some of the symptoms associated with the common cold by using saline nose drops available in pharmacies that do not require a prescription.
  • Using a moisturizing cream, the area around the nose, soft tissues should be used when sneezing because the nose area becomes irritated when suffering from a cold.
  • Steaming the chest area improves breathing.
  • Refrain from smoking because it harms the respiratory system and causes serious health problems. 

Foods that help treat colds

In addition to what was mentioned about ways to treat a cold in one day, here are a group of foods that may help to increase the immune system's resistance to colds and thus treat colds:

  • Ginger: Taking ginger tea helps calm a cough and soothe a sore throat. It also works to prevent the feeling of nausea that may be accompanied by colds.
  • Honey: Honey helps in treating cough and relieves cough associated with colds, and drinking honey with lemon helps relieve pain caused by colds, especially sore throats, as a result of the properties that honey possesses as it is antibacterial and antibacterial. 
  • Chicken soup: Eating chicken soup helps relieve symptoms of colds and respiratory infections, as it contains many nutrients that contribute to hydration and help the body fight diseases.
  • Garlic: Garlic has many antimicrobial properties, so adding garlic to your diet may help reduce and reduce cold symptoms.
  • Citruses: Citruses, especially lemons, are a good source of vitamin C, and getting good amounts of vitamin C helps relieve respiratory infections and strengthen the immune system, thus increasing its ability to fight diseases and relieve symptoms.


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