Causes of sudden hair loss

Causes of sudden hair loss

loss Hair loss is one of the problems that many suffer from; It is one of the disturbing and worrying problems, and what increases anxiety if the hair loss is sudden, which needs quick and safe solutions, so we will discuss the causes of sudden hair loss:

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  •  Loss that is not alarming:

It is normal for all people to fall out while showering, combing or combing hair, or using hot styling tools. The loss is satisfactory if more than 120 hairs fall out per day; As the natural loss of head hair is from 50 to 100 hairs; So the hair that falls into the comb and brush and during washing and styling is not to be feared; Because it falls out in order to replace it with other hair, and what is worrying, according to studies and research, is the one that reaches 200 hairs a day or more.

    The worrying phenomenon of hair loss:


Based on what medical studies have proven, anxiety about hair loss begins if the loss exceeds 200 hairs per day; Therefore, we must search for the cause of this precipitation. 

Causes of hair loss:

The phenomenon of hair loss has many causes, including what is organic, or psychological, or due to problems with the head or hair scalp, or because of harmful topical creams, dyes or shampoos, including what is genetic;

And eventually lead to hair, and cause hair loss.

Here are the causes of hair loss in detail:

- Inflammation of the scalp leads to hair loss, and this is due to creams, shampoos or oils that contain harmful chemicals.

A deficiency in the vitamins the body needs (vitamin A - vitamin B7, or B12 - vitamin C - vitamin D) leads to hair loss 

- high cholesterol leads to hair loss.

Iron deficiency causes anemia and wasting, and then hair loss.

Pregnancy and childbirth lead to hair loss in women.

Physical stress leads to hair loss.

Medical studies have proven that psychological and nervous stress lead to hair loss.

There is an imbalance in the hormones, and this imbalance is caused by a defect in the thyroid gland that eventually leads to hair loss.

A defect in the immune system has been proven by medical studies that lead to hair loss.

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Rapid and sudden hair loss:

Rapid hair loss is caused by several reasons:

Androgenetic alopecia :

which may affect both men and women; It makes women's hair light in some areas of the head, which women usually get after menopause; But in men, the front of the head is lost - the crown area - 


it is an immune disease that leads to sudden and rapid hair loss; As it affects the hair follicles, which leads to its loss, and alopecia also leads to the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows.


It is one of the causes of sudden and rapid hair loss in women; As a rapid drop in estrogen levels occurs; Which affects the woman's body in general, and thus affects the hair.

Hair loss during pregnancy and after childbirth is a temporary condition; Where hair returns to normal after this stage.

Nutritional deficiency: nutritional deficiency is

one of the causes of sudden hair loss; This is because there is a significant shortage of vitamins and minerals important and necessary for hair.

Head radiotherapy:

When the hair is subjected to radiotherapy; This will be a reason for its sudden rapid fall. Which could cause concern.

Fungal infection (ringworm):

empty, scaly patches of hair occur, and blisters appear on the scalp; Resulting in itching, and the bombing of the hair.

Taking some medications:

As there are some medications and drugs that lead to sudden hair loss, such as: (arthritis drugs - blood pressure control drugs - heart drugs - depression drugs - chemotherapy - radiotherapy).

Birth control pills may lead to hair loss, and this is while taking them, or when you stop taking them; It is better for women, before considering taking them, to look for pills that contain a low androgen index; It helps reduce hair loss.

Harmful chemical hair dyes:

Excessively chemically treated dyes cause hair damage that leads to hair loss.

The hair in this case needs to limit the use of these creams, and take a period of rest until the hair regains its vitality and freshness.

It is better to resort to using natural dyes, or henna as an alternative to it. To keep your hair safe.

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Increasing Vitamin A:

According to recent medical studies, an increase in (Vitamin A) may lead to rapid and sudden hair loss.

Imbalance of minerals:

An imbalance in the balance of some minerals and vitamins is one of the causes of sudden hair loss; As iron deficiency may lead to a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood; This decrease results in a lack of oxygen supply to cells, and consequently a lack of nutrition for the cells responsible for hair growth and maintenance.

Seasonal Hair Loss: Seasonal

hair loss is one of the causes of sudden hair loss. Where some studies have found that there are certain periods or seasons in which hair falls profusely and loses its vitality and freshness.

This period is the hair rest period, also known as (Niolgene).

Only 10% of people are exposed to this condition. 

Telogen effluvium:

It happens to women when they have a change in hormones, especially those that occur after menopause, which leads to sudden hair loss in women.

One of the causes of telogen effluvium may be metal toxicity, which occurs when the body is exposed to certain metals, which leads to telogen effluvium.

Hair styling tools:

Styling tools that emit heat is one of the causes of sudden hair loss, as it has been proven that high heat leads to sudden and rapid hair loss. Where the high temperature also leads to dryness and burning of the hair.

Stress hormone:

Many people go through life issues that lead to stress; Which results in a high level of cortisol (the stress hormone); It leads to a short hair life cycle and growth; This leads to a significant loss of head hair.

Excessive hair styling:

Excessive and violent hair styling that some resort to leads after a while to its rapid and sudden loss.

Some hairdos:

There are some hairdos that many resort to that are a major cause of sudden hair loss, such as: (cake hairstyles that stress head hair - ponytail hairstyle also stresses head hair); These two styles lead to rapid and sudden hair loss.


Trichotillomania is one of the causes of sudden hair loss. It is a mental illness or psychological disorder, which results in a recurring desire to pull hair; Repeated tightening results in a general weakening of the hair, and this weakening leads to its abundant and profuse hair loss.

This disorder is more common in women than in men.

In order to avoid sudden hair loss, the following tips must be followed:

- moderate hair styling, combing and styling the hair correctly.

Avoid what leads to stress, and not be subjected to psychological stress as much as possible.

Be careful when using dyes, while avoiding chemically treated ones.

Follow an integrated diet that contains the vitamins, proteins, minerals and fats that the body and hair need.

Limit the use of hair styling tools with high temperatures that lead to hair deterioration.


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