melasma treatment

melasma treatment

Melasma is a change in the color of the skin as a result of increased production of melanin in areas of the body exposed to the sun, such as the face, and sometimes the appearance of melasma may be associated with pregnancy and is called the mask of pregnancy . On the method of treating melasma.



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  • Photoallergic drugs.
  • Ovarian dysfunction.

Thyroid dysfunction.

Use of some cosmetics.

   Symptoms of melasma

The signs and symptoms of melasma appear in the form of brown spots, usually brown in separate areas of the skin or extended in one area.

Melasma treatment methods


are the following procedures:

1- Using medical creams

Melasma can be treated by applying the following creams:

  • Sunscreen protects the skin 
  • Alpha Light Skin lightening that works to lighten dark areas due to melasma and get a radiant complexion.

2- Other medical procedures

If topical creams do not work, there are other options for treating melasma, such as: chemical peels, dermabrasion, skin scraping, laser therapy, or light therapy.

Natural ways to treat melasma

There are many natural recipes that help in treating melasma, including the following:

  • Aloe vera: by massaging the melasma area with aloe vera gel for two minutes, then leaving it for 15-20 minutes and then washing it with lukewarm water.
  • Lemon juice: by applying it to the melasma and then washing it after a few minutes, it works to lighten the skin.
  • Apple cider vinegar: by mixing it with an equal amount of water or an equal amount of onion juice, then applied to the melasma, left to dry and then washed with lukewarm water.
  • Turmeric: By mixing 5 tablespoons of turmeric with 10 tablespoons of milk, apply the paste on the melasma and leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

Methods for treating black

spots Black spots known by other names, such as: sun spots, age spots, or liver spots, are small, flat spots darker than the color of the skin, appearing as a result of increased production of melanin pigment in the skin. Skin.

And the fact that they are called age spots does not mean that they only appear with age, it is possible that frequent exposure to the sun, having light skin, or frequent use of artificial tanning methods is one of the reasons for their appearance. .

There are several medical procedures that may help treat dark spots, including:

  • Intense light therapy: The use of light waves that penetrate the skin cells and destroy the melanin pigment.
  • Chemical peels: by removing the outer layer of the skin and allowing new cells to grow.
  • Dermabrasion: by removing the outer layer of the skin and allowing a new layer to grow.
  • Cryosurgery: Using liquid nitrogen to freeze black spots.


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