Hair loss

Hair loss

 shampoo The shampoo is an important product that cleans and purifies the scalp and hair, so you must choose the appropriate shampoo for the nature of the hair by determining the type of hair and the way to care for it, and knowing what health problems the scalp suffers from.

Many people suffer from the problem of hair loss, and to solve this troubling problem, it is necessary to resort to the use of an integrated group of hair care groups, one of the contents of the hair care group is a hair loss shampoo to improve hair and treat it and get better hair in the fastest time.

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Before choosing the right shampoo to treat hair loss, it is necessary to know the cause of the loss; Choosing the right shampoo for hair treatment.

There are various reasons for falling out, including lack of some vitamins and minerals, skin diseases, autoimmune diseases, hormonal disorders, rapid weight loss, or chronic stress.

The main reason for hair loss may be the use of a shampoo that contains harmful and damaging ingredients.

According to the German magazine "Freuden", hair loss is not necessarily due to genetic causes, but in some cases it may be sufficient to see the components of the shampoo to identify the cause of hair loss.

 There are 4 ingredients to be wary of:

  1. Sulfates:

One does not feel clean hair except when there is a lot of foam from shampoo, and the reason for this is due to sulfates such as sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), which have an effect on Foaming and cleansing, since sulfates severely irritate the scalp and damage the skin's natural oils, this can slow hair growth and create conditions for hair loss.

In this case, it is recommended to use hair loss shampoo.

  1. Parabens:

Due to the low manufacturing prices, many types of shampoos contain parabens, which preserve the shampoo from bacteria and fungi, and prolong the shelf life, and the damages of this substance are not limited to causing cancer only, but these toxins may leak into the body and cause lack of Complete hormone balance.

  1. Silicon:

It is one of the harmful ingredients in shampoos, with which a person gets soft and shiny hair, but there is another side to this shiny hair. Every time the hair is washed with shampoo, a “protective layer” is placed on the hair that prevents the absorption of moisture and important minerals from the roots Hair, and the consequences of this are the dryness of the hair from the inside out completely and its loss.

Here, it is recommended to use a healthy, safe shampoo to treat hair loss.

  1. Isopropyl alcohol:

You should avoid buying any shampoo when you know that one of its ingredients is isopropyl alcohol; Because the use of this substance, whether in the manufacture of shampoo, or the manufacture of hair care products, or the manufacture of hair styling products; As isopropyl alcohol causes

great damage and harm to hair and other tissues, as it dries out the hair and reduces its luster. It makes the hair brittle, weak, and prone to falling out. Beware of products that contain isopropyl alcohol.

Some things must be taken into consideration and caution when choosing a shampoo for hair loss:

1- Hair allergy: where the ingredients of hair loss shampoo must be read carefully to ensure that the product will not cause irritation or sensitivity in the scalp.

2- Knowing the type of hair: the company can customize a shampoo for oily hair and another for dry hair.

3- Do not get carried away by a particular type of shampoo: Some individuals prefer to use shampoo that does not have a strong smell.

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How to choose the appropriate shampoo to treat hair loss In order to get a suitable shampoo to treat this phenomenon, it must have the following ingredients:

  1. Biotin:

 It contains vitamin B that is soluble in water. Hair with biotin enhances hair fullness and reduces breakage.

Confirming the effectiveness of hair loss treatment shampoo containing biotin, it was found in a small study that hair growth improved in individuals who used products containing biotin.

 But it is possible that the effectiveness of biotin shampoo for hair loss treatment is limited.

  1.  Histidine 

is one of the amino acids, which works to reduce hair loss, by absorbing excess copper in the hair, and helps protect the hair from UVA and UVB damage as well.


  1. Minoxidil or Finasteride

is a substance approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a 2% topical solution to treat hair loss. Finasteride is a prescription drug used to treat male pattern baldness. Therefore, it is one of the ingredients that can be looked for when you want to buy a shampoo for hair loss for men and women.

  1. Essential oils:

 It has been found that there are a number of essential oils that can help increase hair density, which makes it healthier and less prone to breakage, and these oils increase the efficiency of hair loss shampoo. These oils include peppermint oil, lavender oil, lemon oil and thyme.


  1.  Epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG

is a naturally occurring compound in green tea, which has been shown to reduce hair loss in mice in a 2011 study. 

  1. Ketoconazole

is an antifungal substance. And infections, which are usually used to treat infections, or seborrheic dermatitis. A hair loss shampoo containing ketoconazole can be used to treat hair loss caused by an infection in the scalp.

  1.  Pumpkin seed:

It is a natural oil that can have a good effect on hair growth, as it works to prevent testosterone from forming Dihydrotestosterone, which has a role in the occurrence of hair loss.

  1. Niacin:

Niacin, or vitamin B3, is one of the important vitamins for hair, as it promotes hair fullness, and works to stimulate blood circulation and blood flow in the scalp.


  1.  Caffeine: Caffeine

 has been shown to help promote hair growth in human tissues. The tonic plays a role in counteracting the effects of testosterone, which in turn increases hair growth.

Studies show that you should use caffeine topically and not just ingest it; So that it can be absorbed into the scalp and hair follicles directly; This makes it a great solution to treat hair loss when used directly.


  1. Saw palmetto:

It has been used to treat hair loss, and many believe that they have obtained natural and beneficial results for hair growth.

 However, studies have not confirmed its effectiveness so far.

 Saw palmetto may work by blocking 5-alpha reductase, one of the enzymes that converts your testosterone into DHT. Like biotin, there has been little scientific evidence of its effectiveness, but it does not harm or hinder hair growth. Especially if you are looking for a non-drug solution, it may be worth a try.

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  • Thus, we were exposed to shampoos for hair loss, and it became clear to us their quick and effective effect in treating this disturbing phenomenon.
  • We mentioned how to choose a suitable shampoo for hair loss treatment.
  • We warned against shampoos that contain chemicals that may harm the hair, and make it vulnerable to damage and fall, which makes it need a shampoo that treats hair loss.


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