Silium Serum: Ingredients and How to Use

Silium Serum: Ingredients and How to Use

With the amazing developments of hair cosmetics in our modern age, many products have appeared that can be used for hair styling, whether for straightening, perming or even styling, and among these products appeared Silium Serum, which has become one of the basics of the hair care regimen.

Benefits of Silium Serum Silium Serum

is the best choice for hair styling, especially for those who suffer from dryness and hair loss, and the benefits of hair serum include:

  • Calms and smoothes curls, making them easier to style.
  • Add shine to dull hair.
  • Remove tangles from hair.
  • Protecting hair from UV rays and thus protecting hair from damage.
  • Itreduces hair loss because it contains vitamin E.
  • Protects hair from dust and air humidity.
  • Moisturizing damaged hair due to dyes.
  • Reduce damage caused by chemicals and heat styling tools due to the presence of amino acids.

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Ingredients of Silium Serum Silium Serum

consists of the following active ingredients:

  • Collagen: It works on hair density and flexibility, and it also contains antioxidants that protect hair from damage caused by free radicals in the body, which preserves hair follicles from damage.
  • Vitamins A and E: Maintains hair from graying and contains antioxidants that protect hair from damage resulting from the use of chemicals in dyes.
  • Silk proteins: Helps soften hair and stimulate follicles to germinate, as it reduces hair tangles.

How to use Silium serum

It is necessary when you want to use the serum to follow the correct way to get all the benefits of hair serum, and the correct way to use it includes the following steps:

  • Choose Silium serum to suit your hair type and needs.
  • Clean the hair using Silium shampoo .
  • Gently dry the hair with a soft towel.
  • Wait until the hair is a little dry and still has a little moisture in it.
  • Put a pea-sized amount of Silium Serum into the palm of the hand and rub slowly for 5-6 seconds to warm it up.
  • Sweep the hair from ear level to the ends of the hair, focusing on the length and ends of the hair.
  • Use a wide-tooth brush or comb to distribute the serum throughout the hair.
  • Style the hair as desired.


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